Grading Update

The Hurley is being graded this week so please show the operator some respect, slow down and give him plenty of room to work.  Make sure he knows you are behind him when attempting to pass.  The road condition from the summit and down the Pemberton switchbacks is in great shape!

Hurley Grader is in action this week

Hurley Grader is in action this week

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Pemberton Slow Food Cycle

The Pemberton Slow Food Cycle event is on this Sunday August 16.  Travel on the Pemberton Meadows Road is not recommended between 9am – 3pm.  This will effect Hurley Road drivers on the Pemberton side.

Pemberton Meadows potato crops in flower with the Meager Group behind

Pemberton Meadows potato crops blooming

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Ironman Road Closures

The good news is the Hurley is in great shape after the recent grading!  The not so good news is Sunday is the Whistler Ironman event and the Pemberton Meadows Road will be closed which will effect travel on the Hurley.  See the chart below for the road closure times.  Expect delays and closures on Hwy 99 in Whistler and Pemberton Meadows Rd  from 7am and 4.30pm.


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Summer 2015 Update 2

The Boulder Creek fire is still burning and causing smokey conditions on the Hurley.  Depending on your time of travel, you may encounter many forestry vehicles heading to or from the fire.  This morning at least 40 vehicles were seen all driving with 4 way flashers on.  Please give them space and room to drive safely as the dust levels on the road are high.  The road remains open and is in ok shape with the recent grading in spots.  The grading has taken time this month due to the machinery being pulled off the grading to work on the Boulder Creek fire several times.  The grading should be completed by 17 July.

The Bridge River Valley is still in the smoke layer but it is clearing in Pemberton and on parts of the Hurley.  Clouds could be seen in the sky and a few rain drops came down this morning near the summit.

The Goat Mountain Produce Stand is open!  Bring some cash to purchase fresh grown Pemberton produce!

Thanks to SLRD Area A Director  Debbie Demare for  today’s Hurley update. If you have an update on the Hurley please send it to

Goat Mt Poduce Stand

Goad Mountain Produce Stand

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Summer 2015 Update

The Hurley is getting pretty rough in spots with washboards on many sections of the road.  The dust is heavy when passing someone or behind a vehicle causing zero visibility.  Take your time driving over and if you see someone driving faster behind you, please pull over so they can pass safely.  Young wild life is around so please drive carefully.

The Lillooet River FSR is closed at the 9km gate due to EXTREME landslide risk. The Hurley Is NOT affected.

Yesterday a fire west of the Hurley caused smokey conditions on the road. is reporting a fire in that area at  Boulder Creek  to be 250 ha in size.  Air support was attacking the fire late Thursday.  Smoke from this fire drifted into the Bridge River Valley on Thursday afternoon.

To report a wildfire  call toll-free 1 800 663 5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks (this won’t work on the Hurley!)


A Declaration of Local Emergency for SLRD Electoral Area C, implemented to support a WMB request for an evacuation order on Boulder Creek Fire V30241. The evacuation order applies to both sides of the Upper Lillooet FSR  from 9 km to the top of the Pemberton Valley (in effect, Upper Lillooet Provincial Park).

The evacuation order applies to the 2 pumice mines in the area (1 currently not operational – the other, Garibaldi Pumice, was contacted directly, and principal operator Bob Matheson may elect to stay in and look after his equipment) and the Innergex IPP at Boulder Creek. No residential or agricultural properties are currently under evacuation order. Some Innergex contractors will remain at their location under the direct authority of the WMB Incident Commander.  The Hurley Is NOT affected.  More information can be found on the SLRD website.

Smoke plume could be seen from the upper Pemberton Meadows

Smoke plume could be seen from the upper Pemberton Meadows on Thursday afternoon


Smokey skies on the Hurley


Edge of the smoke plume near the Donnelly Creek drainage


Filtered pink sun light on the Hurley Thursday evening

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East Hurley Open

Great news  from MoTI – The East Hurley washout was repaired on Saturday June 13th and the road is open to traffic!

Thanks to Hurley driver John McILwraith for sending in the photo and update from his recent drive below:

Traveled to Bralorne Mine Via Hurley Pass on Friday June 12th 2015.
We found the road are in very good shape from Pemberton to Bralorne.
All bridges are in good shape. Traffic was slow on it.


East Hurley junction

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East Hurley Washout

There is a washout on the East Hurley at about the 3km mark from the Hurley junction.  A video has been posted on Facebook.  Hurley drivers heading to Bralorne will need to go through Gold Bridge.  Interior Roads has been notified and will assess the situation.

June 10 Update: Latest update is IRL is currently trying to line up the excavator operator to complete the culvert installation and repair to the site. Hoping for the end of the week.

June 4 Update:  The water is still running with too much volume and intensity to install the culvert. It appears it may not be repaired until early next week. There is an excavator and culvert ready to go as soon as conditions permit construction to occur.

Tuesday June 2nd Update :  IRL has confirmed they will review the site today.  If the water and conditions have subsided enough, they will reinstall the culvert and place some pit run gravel to get the road open hopefully by tomorrow, all things going well.


East Hurley washout

East Hurley washout.  Photo by Bruce Simon

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Driving the Hurley

There has been excellent feedback on the condition of the Hurley Road this past May long weekend.  With the improved condition of the road, however has come speeding.

The week before the long weekend the grader was on the Hurley all week and was almost hit by speeding drivers four times.  Some people were driving too fast for the conditions and had even passed the swamper’s pickup which had its four way flashers on and a grader working sign.  Unfortunately if this continues, putting the grader worker’s safety at risk there may be some unpleasant consequences.

The Bridge River Valley Community Association has an excellent working relationship with FLNRO Roads and we generally provide information on when grading is occurring as it is happening.  Please check this website before planning your trip over the Hurley…we want you and the grader operator to survive this summer season!!!

Please follow the “3 C’S” – Caution, Courtesy and Concentration

Please read the article at this link for tips on driving safely on BC’s Resource Roads:  Resource Road User Safety Guide

hurley sign

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Opening Update #4

Update from FLNRO

The grader started on Friday.  They conducted our pre work safety meeting.  They graded the rough spots coming up the switchbacks from 9km to 22km. They were plowing snow from here to around 33km (Km’s decreasing). Starting full grading down to 28km.
The grader is parked close to the bridge in a pull out. The snow should be fully melted where we plowed it. It was melting fast by Friday afternoon. They are not sure if there is any snow past 28km,but it looks like they  are through it.
They  will be resuming grading on Monday. The grader operator has been requested to put in long days to get the job done by Thursday.
He is hoping to work 28km to Gold Bridge from Monday to Wednesday, then spend Thursday finishing the switchbacks on the Pemberton end.

If you see the grader working please give him lots of space until it is safe to pass.  People are reporting the Hurley is in great shape except for loose gravel and potholes at the summit.  Please drive slow to preserve the good condition of the road and always use 4wd when climbing to prevent chewing up the road surface.

Grader at Hurley summit

Grader at Hurley summit

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Opening Update #3

Thanks to SLRD, Area A Director Debbie Demare for this update and photos.

The Switchbacks have been spot graded.  Lillooet river FSR good condition.  Grader at summit had just started to work down Pembie side.
Summit to Face still some  snow covered ice with rutting.  Truck clearance, winter tires and 4wd required.  The huge hole by the bridge at Tenquille has been fixed.  Rough on Gold Bridge side.

Grader at Hurley summit

Grader at Hurley summit

Hurley Road

Hurley Road near the summit by the fire zone sign


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Opening Update #2

Latest update on the condition of the Hurley from Backcountry Snowcats

Due to the ice layer, snow and melting, good vehicle clearance is required. Its a bit narrow in spots but if we all travel at a leisurely pace, passing by other vehicles shouldn’t be a problem. There is also some damage from the rain event last November (deep water rivulets) in some sections so folks should take care.

Squamish Mills has been hired to do the grading this year.  The plan is that they will be starting on Friday at the summit and working down the Pemberton side.

We will advise when the road is  “officially” open.

Hurley Summit on Monday May 4th

Hurley Summit on Monday May 4th

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Opening Update

Post has been updated with a photo of the summit taken on Monday.  Thanks to Mark from   for the photo.

The Hurley is close to opening, however it is not officially open as yet.   Backcountry Snowcats have spent time, fuel, wear and tear on their snow cat to do some work in the road from just south of the summit to the Face Mt turnoff.  They have removed 5 feet of snow from the centre of the road and the  road is now down to the ice layer.  However, 30 cm of snow has fallen since this was done.  Warm spring days  have arrived but the nights have still been cool.  They are advising that travel is not recommended without a shovel, good winter tires, 4×4, and chains. Some vehicles have made it through but they have also towed 2 vehicles that were stuck.  Thanks to Kathy for this update!

If you appreciate the work that they have done to speed up the opening you can make a donation towards fuel  at Sally’s Pub.  We definitely appreciate the work that Reg and Kathy from Backcountry Snowcats do on the Hurley all winter with the grooming of the road and the updates that they provide so please show your appreciation!

Opening updates will be posted as they come in.

Hurley Summit on Monday

Hurley Summit on Monday

Thanks to Backcountry Snowcats for being a good friend of the Hurley Road!

Thanks to Backcountry Snowcats for being a good friend of the Hurley Road!


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Spring Update #5

Thanks to Jesse Gillespie for the latest Hurley update & photos from last weekend.  The snow was heavy and wet.  Some sections you could start to see the road below.  No issues and no sign of anyone driving over recently.

Next update will hopefully be about snow removal for the long weeekend.

Hurley travel is still not recommended for most drivers.  Be prepared for self rescue if you attempt to go over if things don’t go as planned.  Remember mountain weather can change at any time!  Please send road updates to

Hurley summit last weekend in April 2015.  Photo by Jesse Gillespe

Jeeps on the Hurley summit last weekend in April 2015


Hurley summit last weekend in April 2015

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Hurley Maintenance Update

Update on the Hurley Maintenance Issue, from Squamish Lillooet Regional District, Area A Director, Debbie Demare.

A recent revision of the 2014 agreement regarding responsibility for and maintenance of the Hurley FSR solves concerns raised by property owners regarding access to their properties in the Bridge River Valley as early as possible and with as direct a route as possible from the Lower Mainland and Sea-to-Sky corridor.
Based on the outcomes of a survey of the local residents and road users of the Hurley FSR, Dir. Deb DeMare has requested that up to $15,000/year of the approximately $71,000 annual road maintenance allocation for the Hurley FSR be directed to opening up the Hurley by way of snow clearing.  The road maintenance commitment to the Hurley FSR to reflect this request with two caveats.  The first being that the road will not be opened up until adequate avalanche assessments have been performed and it has been determined it is safe to do so. The second being that if ministry budget allocations are reduced that the ministry reserves to the right to review and potentially revise the commitment around this snow clearing funding commitment.  All other components of the road maintenance agreement have been implemented or remain unchanged.

Several positives for the Bridge River Valley community include the one ministry/one office responsibility for the entire Hurley FSR.  The community requested this and hopes that this will result in consistency and most effective use of resources.  It will also allow communication regarding the Hurley FSR by the public to be clear and straightforward.

While the overall budget remains the same, this agreement provides for and acknowledges that a spring opening will occur within a specified budget of $15,000.  This is a compromise solution and will hopefully provide enough balance to ensure access for property owners and visitors as early as possible while maintaining a consistent minimum level of maintenance.  There continue to be longer term concerns by the community for the overall infrastructure of the road (road
Bed, etc) as well as whether an adequate level of maintenance (grading) will ensure acceptable levels for the traveling public.  This will be monitored and further advocacy and revenue raising steps may be necessary based on feedback by the community.  Hurley Maintenance Documentation

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Spring Update #4

Thanks to Ashley and his boys for another Hurley Update!

Wed Apr 8 – crossed around 4pm towing our ATV Wagon full of supplies, the crossing was quite easy, and we saw the groomer at the top making it all nice and smooth for everyone.  20°C when we left the truck at the bottom of the Hurley.

Sun Apr 12 – crossed around 12 noon, and it was not an easy crossing.  Cold and snowing, it felt like winter had come back.  The new snow near the summit made it quite difficult, even with my J Wheelz installed on the ATV.  The snow got progressively deeper even as we summited and were heading down to where trucks were parked at about 22km.

Hurley travel is still not recommended for most drivers.  Be prepared for self rescue if you attempt to go over if things don’t go as planned.  Remember mountain weather can change at any time!  Please send road updates to

Hurley on April 12

Hurley on April 12 after the snow

Hurley on April 8

Hurley on April 8

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