Fall Update #1

New signage has been installed on the Hurley relating to industrial traffic & wildlife/hunting.   Photos of the new signs are below.

Reports from Hurley drivers are positive after the new work and many say it’s the best they have seen the road in years.   Snow has started falling at the higher elevations and snow can fall on the Hurley Road at anytime now.   Drivers should be prepared for all driving conditions.  Winter driving skills, 4 x4 and good tires are essential for travel at this time of the year.  Chains and a survival/safety kit are good things to carry in your truck.   Conditions can change at anytime up there & current conditions may not be reported on this site.    If you have conditions to report please email info@bridgerivervalley.ca

IMG_1047 IMG_1052 IMG_1056 IMG_1058

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Thanksgiving Grading

Grading Update Tuesday 7 October -  The Hurley is in great shape!  Reports from drivers say it’s the best condition it has been in years.  Parts were graded last week and the remainder will be finished Wed/Thurs/Fri of this week.

Good news just in!   The Hurley will be graded before the Thanksgiving weekend!   If you see the grader working, please give him some space and be careful when passing.  The construction & road closures on the Pemberton side of the pass should be finished by today.  It’s that time of the year that heavy rain and/or snow can fall at any time now and Hurley drivers should be prepared for all conditions.

The Hurley Survey is still open.  Please complete the survey if you haven’t already done so.  This is important to the future management of this road.   Please send your Hurley updates and photos to info@bridgerivervalley.ca

The Grader will be working on the Hurley this week

The Grader will be working on the Hurley this week.  Give him lots of room and be careful when passing.

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Hurley rain update

Have you taken the Hurley Survey yet?  Click here to take the survey.

Update: The SLRD has contacted FLNRO to arrange some warning signs on the road.  Conditions  got better today as the sun dried things out and the grader was up there working which also helped firm up the road surface.  It’s that time of the year that heavy rain and/or snow can fall at any time now and Hurley drivers should be prepared for all conditions.   When the clouds lifted today there was snow on some of the mountain tops after the rain last night.

Heavy rain last night has made Hurley travel tough today.   The new road section is extremely soft and muddy.  Kathy from Backcountry Snowcats sent an update this morning and she almost did not make it up to the summit in her truck in 4×4 with new tires.  2wd vehicles & vehicles with bald tires should probably not attempt the drive in these conditions.   If you have another update on the conditions please email info@bridgerivervalley.ca



Fall rainbow on the Hurley Road



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Hurley Survey

Road work continues on the Hurley with road closures happening for most of the day, midweek from 8am-4pm.   The road is only open on the even hours and you need to be there 15 mins before opening to get through.   eg: 10am, noon, 2pm.  This is all the information we currently have, if we get any more information it will be posted here.

As you may know this spring, MLA Sturdy and MLA Tegart, in response to many complaints from area residents worked to make some changes with the Hurley River Rd. As a result of their efforts the Hurley River Rd. was brought under one Ministry, FLNRO (Forests etc).

This will ensure consistent management of the route, improve road safety for summer travellers and importantly, legitimize off-road vehicle use.  This initiative came from the community and lots of benefits will flow to residents including opportunities to promote local economic development.

What was not included in this change was the ongoing snow clearing in mid-late spring. This caused a reaction from our travelling public. The MLAs were quite surprised by this, I personally put it down to the fact that the community wasn’t discussing snow plowing in their letters originally, they were discussing the condition of the road. Additionally, in the work the MLAs were doing over the winter to address the Hurley River Rd. condition, it was my expectation that they would increase the budget somewhat to address both the spring opening (via snow removal) and improved overall maintenance.  However, given that the importance of a spring opening (via snow removal) was not included in so many of the letters written, and that it is the FLNRO policy not to remove snow on an FSR unless it is the only access to an area, let to general set of misunderstandings between MLAs Sturdy and Tegart; the FLNRO ministry and our community. In any case, the MLAs feel they don’t understand the consensus of taxpayers in this area on how this road should be maintained. As a result I agreed to do this survey to see if we can develop that consensus through information gathering.

Here is some additional factual information regarding the Hurley River Rd.
1. The annual budget for road maintenance in 2014 is $71,400. There is also a one-time transfer from MOTI to FLNR of $80,000 for 2014 that will be used for resurfacing from 18.5 km to 23 km on the Pemberton side of the pass. The tendered bid came in at over $90,000.
2. The average cost of opening the road in the spring was close to $30,000 from 2007 through 2013. The road was not opened until later in June in 2007 due to avalanche risks and it cost over $80,000 in 2012. If we take those two years out is has averaged a little over $20,000 for the other 5 years.
3.The average cost of grading the road once from end to end will be around $17,000 this year. $3,000 up to the bridge on the Pemberton side, $11,000 from the bridge to the 9 km marker on the Gold Bridge end and $3,000 to the bridge at 1 km on the Gold Bridge end. With 3 grades in the middle and 6 grades at each end the cost will be around $69,000 this year. FLNRO  had to use a water truck for one of our grades this year which added an additional $1,000. Road/weather conditions can vary these costs annually.
4. Other costs that FLNRO will have to cover over time for safety include bridge maintenance/repairs and brushing. spent around $15,000 on bridge repairs around 5 years ago and spent around $30,000 brushing the road from Gold Bridge to the pass a few years back as well. These costs usually come up every 5 to 10 years and the bridge costs could be higher than what was spent 5 years ago. Several sections along the road have inadequate surfacing material as well. Using the 2014 bid as an estimate it would cost around $20,000/km to resurface other sections along the route.

Thank you to FLNRO for supplying this information.

Please complete this survey thoughtfully.. IT IS IMPORTANT and it will MAKE A DIFFERENCE!    We will leave the survey open until October 19.

Click on this link to take the survey

The Hurley is Open for the May long weekend!

The Hurley is Open for the May long weekend!

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Hurley Road Closures

The road resurfacing has started around the Tenquille section that leads to the summit on the Pemberton side.   Road closures are being advertised on a sign placed on the Hurley.   Crews are working Monday to Friday 7am – 4pm.   The road will only be open for the even hours only eg:  10am, noon, 2pm.  Expect delays during this time.

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Maintenance Update

Good news!   The Hurley maintenance project will start in September.   A fully executed contract for the works on the Hurley is in place and here are some details on the project.  Thank you to Malcolm Schulz & Ken Conway-Brown from the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations for the updates and keeping us informed!    New signs have been placed on the Hurley and unfortunately someone has already put graffiti on a sign at the summit.   Please respect the work that is being done to fix the road and also the signage that is being installed..

* Project start: September 2nd
* Project completion: September 19th (approx.).  I do not think the contractor will be working during the weekend, but will confirm once we have reviewed a final construction schedule.
* Project scope: to lift the road between the 18.5 km and 23 km markers (above the Tenquille turnoff), then to work down the road concentrating on the worst sections.  The whole goal is to put as much surfacing material back onto the road so we have something to grade in subsequent years.  We are asking that all material being placed on the road be 10 cm minus and be compacted, crowned and gradable.
* Road closures: will be kept to a maximum of two hours, with openings of the road for the first ten minutes of every even hour (i.e. 8:00, 10:00, 12:00….).
* Signage: of the project will be placed by the contractor at the following locations: 0 km on the Lillooet River Forest Service Road, and at the start of the Hurley River Forest Service Road (9km). In the Cascade District signs must be placed at 0 km of the Hurley River Forest Service Road and the start of the East Hurley (Bralorne).
* Users should anticipate several large pieces of equipment working on the road.  Please drive with extreme caution and respect the signage and traffic control.


New signage on the Hurley.


Beautiful Hurley views on 26 August 2014.

Racoon on the Hurley!

Raccoon on the Hurley


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Slow Food Cycle

Sunday August 17th the Pemberton Meadows is hosting the 10th annual Slow Food Cycle    From 9am – 3pm the road will be filled with people &  families cycling from farm to farm buying fresh produce.   The road is open to traffic but it will be moving very slow and we strongly recommend to avoid  driving  during the road this time.  The alternate route into the valley is on Road 40 from Lillooet.  It’s a beautiful scenic drive, take your time and enjoy it!

Don’t forget to bring some change to buy farm fresh produce at the Goat Mt Produce Stand located at the start of the Hurley Road.   Honour stand open all summer.  Corn is ready now!

Pemberton Slow Food Cycle

Pemberton Slow Food Cycle is on August 17th

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Grading Update

Good news for Hurley users!   The grader will be here with a water truck  to start on the Gold Bridge side today.  Yield to the grader and take care when passing.   Road updates and photos can be sent to info@bridgerivervalley.ca for posting on the site.   Enjoy your drive!

I Survived The Hurley hats $20.  Bridge River Valley visors $15.  Available at the Community Resource Office and Haylmore Heritage Site Tourist Info Booth. Get them while they last!Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.47.44 PM


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Maintenance Update

A Hurley user found a wallet that belongs to Sebastien Mueller.  Please contact us at info@bridgerivervalley.ca with your details Sebastien or anyone who knows him.

The Hurley was featured in a story in Canadian Biker Magazine July 2014.  Copies of the magazine featuring the story are available to purchase at the Tourist Info/Community Resource Office in Gold Bridge.  The story writer also wrote a blog post about it:  trevormarchughes.ca

Maintenance Update:

Dust control has been done on sections of the Lillooet FSR to help with the visibility on this stretch of road from the industrial traffic going to the Upper Lillooet IPP Project.

Road surface maintenance will be done on the Hurley later this year.  Work done will include lifting the road with a combination of roadside material and material from designated pits.   This will provide as much material as possible to be able to grade in subsequent years.   The sections concentrated on will be above the Tenquille Branch turn off to the pass and the worst sections down towards the switchbacks.   Unfortunately there will be some minor road closures associated with this work but they will do their best to limit interruptions to Hurley users.   The Ministry will pass on more information about the closures as they have it.  They are currently putting together a tender which will be going out on BC Bid shortly.

"The Hurley to Bralorne" feature story in the July issue of Canadian Biker

“The Hurley to Bralorne” feature story in the July, 2014 issue of Canadian Biker magazine




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Lillooet FSR Road Closure

The Lillooet FSR is closed at 9km until further notice.  The closure is based on the provincial volcanic landslide shutdown criteria for the Lillooet River FSR. The current hazard level is rated EXTREME.

This road closure is just AFTER the Hurley turn off and the closure does NOT effect the Hurley!

Industrial traffic is heavy on the Lillooet FSR this summer.  Please drive with caution and watch for oncoming traffic.  The dust is extremely thick at times.

SLRD Press Release

Forest Service Road Information

Mt Meager Information

Photos from the 2010 Meager landslide

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.49.00 AM

The Meager Group where the slide area starts.  Photo taken from the Lillooet FSR

The Meager volcanic group where the slide area starts. Photo taken from the Lillooet FSR

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Summer 2014 Maintenance Update

The 1st grading end to end is now complete.

The 2nd grading is scheduled for late July/early August however this is weather dependent.  They like to have rain to make the grading more effective.

The plan is to then do a 3rd grade in September.

The portion of the road that will be worked on this year with the additional $80k is from the bridge and around the corner at the Tenquille Lake Rd. and up the hill till about km 20. This has been analyzed as the most needing of repair (those really big nasty rocks sticking out) and this concurs with users of the road have been saying.

The plan is to put a fresh layer (in places a foot) of new material taken from two local pits.  It is estimated that this will be about 8-10 days & will take place in August.

There will likely be delays and there may be some accessibility issues to begin with for two wheel drive cars in the soft material.  There will be lots of information posted when specific times/days are known.

Hurley Grader

Hurley Road Grader

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Hurley Summer 2014 Update

Thanks to the following Hurley users for the updates sent in!     If you have a Hurley update or adventure to share with us please email info@bridgerivervalley.ca

GOAT MOUNTAIN PRODUCE is now open.  It is being run by our kids, Trevor and Erica. They have new potatoes available now. Beets and carrots should be ready soon.
Thanks to all of our loyal customers!
Andrea & Marty VanLoon

I just drove the Hurley Road on July 2nd in order to hike Face Mountain (Locomotive).
Gorgeous area , still lots of snow around the lake and no mosquitos !
The Hurley Road was in its usual condition, loose stones and partly like a washboard, due to
people driving too fast – also please be kind and slow down when you see a Fellow Driver coming
especially in those dry conditions.

Goat Mt Produce Stand

Goat Mt Produce Stand is open for the season!

Semaphore Lakes & Face Mountain area

Semaphore Lakes & Face Mountain area at the Hurley summit.  July 2, 2014. Photo by Ingrid.

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Hurley Bike Tour

We recently received a note from a Hurley visitor all the way from the Czech Republic!  Tomas and his friend Viktor rode their bicycles in a scenic loop over the Hurley from Whistler and had a great time!   Unfortunately the day they passed over the Hurley was a bad weather day  so no photos were taken but they did take some great photos of other parts of their circle tour.  Thanks for sharing your trip with us Tomas!  If you have an adventure on the Hurley that you would like to share with us please email info@bridgerivervalley.ca

Hi Friends,

I just came back to Europe from a wonderful trip through BC backcountry. We explored some of the most beautiful scenery riding a loop from Whistler to Pemberton, d’Arcy, Seton Portage, Gold Bridge, Hurley Road, Pemberton, Whistler on the mountain bikes.
We actually cycled through Hurley Road on Tuesday 10th, just a day after road being open. Road condition all the way up was pretty good, grader was still in action near the top and patches of snow still on the road but easily passable. All the downhill was rough with potholes and lots of loose stones, but a thrilling adventure. No puncture, no mechanical problems just a pure excitement.
I appreciated all of you who worked hard either on the road or in the offices to keep this wonderful area open and accessible not just for the locals but also for tourists. I was lucky to be on the right place in the right time and will keep all the memories for long.

Tomas Budesinsky
Czech Republic


Tomas at Seton Lake on the Hurley Bicycle Circle Tour


Viktor cycling up the Highline Road heading towards Gold Bridge and on to the Hurley next



Tomas and Viktor were happy they got to see a bear, a rare sight in their home country!


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Hurley Opening Conditions

UPDATE:  The closed sign still says Closed and MOT has been contacted to unlock the sign into the Open position.   The grading has been completed and the operator took a pass on the Squamish side but it was challenging as there is not much material to work with.   Reports in from Hurley users put the road in fairly good shape from the Summit to Gold Bridge.

The Hurley opened on Monday afternoon which was earlier than the predicted Friday opening.  Thank you to the MOF grader for getting it done so quickly!

Road up the Pemberton switchbacks same as usual. Just other side of summit has been graded and the road is in GREAT shape all the way to Gold Bridge.

You can see grader has been working hard on some of the nastier potholes.

Hill down into Gold Bridge washboarding and Boralex (who is responsible for that part of the road) has been notified.

Easy 3.5 hr drive from North Vancouver to Gun Lake yesterday.

Very very dry up there, no snow  just the small patches at the summit . The grader is still sitting up there .  Summit area has not yet been graded.

There is a tree/rock debris slide on the E. Hurley about 8 kms from Bralorne.  It is passable if carefully navigated.  Followups to Ministry to get a machine
In there to clear out are underway.

Thank you to Debbie Demare for the driver update!  We have had reports coming in from other drivers of flat tires.  Grading exposes new sharp rocks and all Hurley users should be prepared with a full size spare tire and a plug kit and all the accessories!  Click for tips on driving the Hurley road and other resources roads.


Snow conditions at the Hurley summit on June 10, 2014


MOF Grader is working on the road this week


Freshly graded road surface

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Hurley Summit Snow Photos & Opening!

UPDATE:  Garrett the grader operator made it to the summit today and the Hurley is OPEN!!!  Thank you Garrett for getting the road open earlier than expected!

A group from Pemberton made it over the Hurley summit on the weekend in ATV’s and survived the Hurley!    The snow has almost melted out and there is a section of snow about 700 metres long at the summit.    Thanks to Albert Bush from Valley Chainsaw in Pemberton for sending these photos.

The grader operator will be starting work on the Gold Bridge side today and grading his way to the summit, clearing the snow as he goes.   The Hurley will be officially open for traffic at noon on Friday June 13th!


This adventurous group from Pemberton pushed through the snow and made it over the summit on the weekend!


This photo was taken on Friday and by Sunday this snow had melted and it was down to dirt!


Coming down the Pemberton side of the summit


Congratulations to these guys for making it across the summit!





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