Summer Road Closed Events

Sunday July 27th the Pemberton Meadows Rd will be closed for the Whistler Ironman Event

The road will be closed to traffic Northbound from 9.30am – 2.30pm
The road will be closed to traffic Southbound from 10.30am – 4.00pm

Other closures will effect the Sea to Sky Highway during this race too.  See Drive BC for more information.

Sunday August 17th the Pemberton Meadows is hosting the 10th annual Slow Food Cycle    From 9am – 3pm the road will be filled with families cycling from farm to farm buying fresh produce.   The road is open to traffic but it will be moving very slow and we recommend to avoid  driving  during the road this time.

Don’t forget to bring some change to buy farm fresh produce at the Goat Mt Produce Stand located at the start of the Hurley Road.   Honour stand open all summer!

Pemberton Slow Food Cycle

Pemberton Slow Food Cycle is on August 17th

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Lillooet FSR Road Closure

The Lillooet FSR is closed at 9km until further notice.  The closure is based on the provincial volcanic landslide shutdown criteria for the Lillooet River FSR. The current hazard level is rated EXTREME.

This road closure is just AFTER the Hurley turn off and the closure does NOT effect the Hurley!

Industrial traffic is heavy on the Lillooet FSR this summer.  Please drive with caution and watch for oncoming traffic.  The dust is extremely thick at times.

SLRD Press Release

Forest Service Road Information

Mt Meager Information

Photos from the 2010 Meager landslide

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.49.00 AM

The Meager Group where the slide area starts.  Photo taken from the Lillooet FSR

The Meager volcanic group where the slide area starts. Photo taken from the Lillooet FSR

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Summer 2014 Maintenance Update

The 1st grading end to end is now complete.

The 2nd grading is scheduled for late July/early August however this is weather dependent.  They like to have rain to make the grading more effective.

The plan is to then do a 3rd grade in September.

The portion of the road that will be worked on this year with the additional $80k is from the bridge and around the corner at the Tenquille Lake Rd. and up the hill till about km 20. This has been analyzed as the most needing of repair (those really big nasty rocks sticking out) and this concurs with users of the road have been saying.

The plan is to put a fresh layer (in places a foot) of new material taken from two local pits.  It is estimated that this will be about 8-10 days & will take place in August.

There will likely be delays and there may be some accessibility issues to begin with for two wheel drive cars in the soft material.  There will be lots of information posted when specific times/days are known.

Hurley Grader

Hurley Road Grader

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Hurley Summer 2014 Update

Thanks to the following Hurley users for the updates sent in!     If you have a Hurley update or adventure to share with us please email

GOAT MOUNTAIN PRODUCE is now open.  It is being run by our kids, Trevor and Erica. They have new potatoes available now. Beets and carrots should be ready soon.
Thanks to all of our loyal customers!
Andrea & Marty VanLoon

I just drove the Hurley Road on July 2nd in order to hike Face Mountain (Locomotive).
Gorgeous area , still lots of snow around the lake and no mosquitos !
The Hurley Road was in its usual condition, loose stones and partly like a washboard, due to
people driving too fast – also please be kind and slow down when you see a Fellow Driver coming
especially in those dry conditions.

Goat Mt Produce Stand

Goat Mt Produce Stand is open for the season!

Semaphore Lakes & Face Mountain area

Semaphore Lakes & Face Mountain area at the Hurley summit.  July 2, 2014. Photo by Ingrid.

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Hurley Bike Tour

We recently received a note from a Hurley visitor all the way from the Czech Republic!  Tomas and his friend Viktor rode their bicycles in a scenic loop over the Hurley from Whistler and had a great time!   Unfortunately the day they passed over the Hurley was a bad weather day  so no photos were taken but they did take some great photos of other parts of their circle tour.  Thanks for sharing your trip with us Tomas!  If you have an adventure on the Hurley that you would like to share with us please email

Hi Friends,

I just came back to Europe from a wonderful trip through BC backcountry. We explored some of the most beautiful scenery riding a loop from Whistler to Pemberton, d’Arcy, Seton Portage, Gold Bridge, Hurley Road, Pemberton, Whistler on the mountain bikes.
We actually cycled through Hurley Road on Tuesday 10th, just a day after road being open. Road condition all the way up was pretty good, grader was still in action near the top and patches of snow still on the road but easily passable. All the downhill was rough with potholes and lots of loose stones, but a thrilling adventure. No puncture, no mechanical problems just a pure excitement.
I appreciated all of you who worked hard either on the road or in the offices to keep this wonderful area open and accessible not just for the locals but also for tourists. I was lucky to be on the right place in the right time and will keep all the memories for long.

Tomas Budesinsky
Czech Republic


Tomas at Seton Lake on the Hurley Bicycle Circle Tour


Viktor cycling up the Highline Road heading towards Gold Bridge and on to the Hurley next



Tomas and Viktor were happy they got to see a bear, a rare sight in their home country!


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Hurley Opening Conditions

UPDATE:  The closed sign still says Closed and MOT has been contacted to unlock the sign into the Open position.   The grading has been completed and the operator took a pass on the Squamish side but it was challenging as there is not much material to work with.   Reports in from Hurley users put the road in fairly good shape from the Summit to Gold Bridge.

The Hurley opened on Monday afternoon which was earlier than the predicted Friday opening.  Thank you to the MOF grader for getting it done so quickly!

Road up the Pemberton switchbacks same as usual. Just other side of summit has been graded and the road is in GREAT shape all the way to Gold Bridge.

You can see grader has been working hard on some of the nastier potholes.

Hill down into Gold Bridge washboarding and Boralex (who is responsible for that part of the road) has been notified.

Easy 3.5 hr drive from North Vancouver to Gun Lake yesterday.

Very very dry up there, no snow  just the small patches at the summit . The grader is still sitting up there .  Summit area has not yet been graded.

There is a tree/rock debris slide on the E. Hurley about 8 kms from Bralorne.  It is passable if carefully navigated.  Followups to Ministry to get a machine
In there to clear out are underway.

Thank you to Debbie Demare for the driver update!  We have had reports coming in from other drivers of flat tires.  Grading exposes new sharp rocks and all Hurley users should be prepared with a full size spare tire and a plug kit and all the accessories!  Click for tips on driving the Hurley road and other resources roads.


Snow conditions at the Hurley summit on June 10, 2014


MOF Grader is working on the road this week


Freshly graded road surface

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Hurley Summit Snow Photos & Opening!

UPDATE:  Garrett the grader operator made it to the summit today and the Hurley is OPEN!!!  Thank you Garrett for getting the road open earlier than expected!

A group from Pemberton made it over the Hurley summit on the weekend in ATV’s and survived the Hurley!    The snow has almost melted out and there is a section of snow about 700 metres long at the summit.    Thanks to Albert Bush from Valley Chainsaw in Pemberton for sending these photos.

The grader operator will be starting work on the Gold Bridge side today and grading his way to the summit, clearing the snow as he goes.   The Hurley will be officially open for traffic at noon on Friday June 13th!


This adventurous group from Pemberton pushed through the snow and made it over the summit on the weekend!


This photo was taken on Friday and by Sunday this snow had melted and it was down to dirt!


Coming down the Pemberton side of the summit


Congratulations to these guys for making it across the summit!





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Hurley Road Opening 2014

Today Hurley users had a conference call with MLA’s Tegart and Sturdy for an update on the snow clearing issue.   On Monday an avalanche hazard assessment will be done to make sure the road is safe for the workers and the snow clearing will begin later in the week.     The Hurley will be open to public traffic on Friday at noon!

The MLA’s and local residents are still working on a long term plan for the Hurley.

Thanks to Dale Douglas from Tyax Adventures for flying over the Hurley summit today and sending in this photo of the snow that remains at the pass.

Railroad Pass on the Hurley June 6th 2014

Railroad Pass on the Hurley June 6th 2014 – photo from Tyax Adventures

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Hurley Snow Removal Update 3

Ministry officials have advised that once snow levels are “gradeable” the summit area will be “graded” (as opposed to “snow plowed”).
Current estimates put this at some time next week (June 9 on).    Information provided puts snow at approximately 2-3 feet over a 3 km stretch.  As yet there are no confirmed reports of any vehicles driving the route.  Let us know if you hear of anyone making it across and send some photos to

We have been unable to confirm any other information regarding the Spring Opening of the Hurley this year or in future years.

MLA Tegart has been requested to meet via teleconference or in the community several times in the last few weeks and to date has not responded to requests.

Ongoing communication with your MLA’s is critical.  If you have received email responses, please follow up.  Phoning the MLAs is also very important.  Keep the pressure on to get the Hurley plowed for this year and future years!

Please write the Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson –
Please write, MLA Donna Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development -
If you haven’t already, please write and call the local MLA’s and copy on your letters.
Jackie Tegart 877-378-4802  –
Jordan Sturdy 604

Hurley May 26 2012

Hurley May 26 2012

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Hurley Snow Photos

Yesterday a team of adventurous Hurley users drove up to snowline to take a look at the snow conditions.   They got to 22.5km on the Pemberton side before they turned around and reported that the snow was 18-24”deep in most spots.  Thanks to Ashley for the photos and update!

Keep the pressure on to get the Hurley plowed!  Please write the Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson –
Please write, MLA Donna Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development -
If you haven’t already, please write the MLA’s or copy on your letters.
Jackie Tegart  –
Jordan Sturdy –

Look how sad these kids are because the Hurley is closed!

Look how sad these kids are that the Hurley is closed!

Look how sad these kids are that the Hurley is closed!


22.5km on the Hurley on 25 May 2014

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Snow Plowing Update 2

What is going on with the snow plowing on the Hurley and how can you help?  Here is some background information, steps to take to put the pressure on  and the results from the snow clearing survey.

A spring opening (by plowing snow) has occurred on the Hurley River Rd. for many years, CONSECUTIVELY!  The ministries have been unable to provide us information on exactly how many, but our community knows…  the amazing machine operator that has done it for a lifetime lives here and he knows!!!!

In 2013, as a result of deteriorating conditions on the middle (MOTi) portion, many Area A Taxpayers began to write and request:
1.       That the road be put under one Ministry & preferably MOFLNRO so that off road (snowmobiles in particular) could use it without a lot of hassle.
2.       That the maintenance be consistent throughout the entire road.
3.       That the road bed issues be worked on as/how budget was available.

The spring opening issue was not mentioned because it was a given as it had occurred so many years in a row.  The announcement that was made several weeks ago made the entire situation into an either/or – either better maintenance or a spring opening.   They chose no spring opening.

This is NOT what this community requested.
This is NOT contributing to the economic and community viability in the Bridge River Valley.
This is NOT contributing to safety in the region by providing a second exit.
This is NOT making an investment in this rural community.
This IS a cut in service!!!

This is NOT acceptable to our community.  The Hurley River Rd. needs to be maintained as above AND opened in the spring.  This is a reasonable request that matches the level of taxes and services taken from our area.

The Hurley River Rd is a critical direct link to the largest markets that match our area – recreational property owners, back country users and tourists.    The longer this continues the more this damages this area for a very long time.  The spring opening needs to happen now!!!

Please write the Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson –
Please write, MLA Donna Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development -
If you haven’t already, please write the MLA’s or copy on your letters.
Jackie Tegart  –
Jordan Sturdy –

Send us your photos of why  “I would rather be on the Hurley”  and we will post and  circulate through Social Media.

Hurley snow plow survey

Hurley Snow Plow Survey Results

Comments from the Snow Plow Survey Results:


Beautiful British Columbia is becoming more and more inaccessible with constant government cutbacks including neglecting and selling out BC parks!

5/20/2014 10:40 AM

This is total unacceptable, peoples lives are at stake here ! Get that road plowed, and service the tax paying citizens that live in the BRV ! Govt – get off your butts, do your job, or lose it !

5/17/2014 3:21 PM

I never found the road that bad, lets get it open…thats the most important thing

5/14/2014 4:03 PM

I choose this option as a longer term solution to this significant problem. As for an immediate response, yes I would support crowdfunding as lobby will take time.

5/14/2014 2:21 PM

Just for everyone’s info. People living up Gun Creek Road and Tyax area also use the Hurley. Everything is centered on Bralorne, Gold Bridge and Gun Lake. Are we not important enough to be included?

5/14/2014 1:41 PM

It should be the goal to have this road not only properly maintained when it is open, but to be open for the May long weekend when it’s safe to do so. Why do I pay so much in tax if I can’t even get to my place via this shorter, safer route!

5/14/2014 11:00 AM

Lets get it done and use the balance of the year to address the issues with government and the ministry. If 50 people paid $200 we could get it done. It costs us all more the $200 to drive around. Not the solution we want for now, but it would save our summer. I am in.

5/14/2014 10:04 AM

1. subdivisions for people from Vancouver need that road 2. Very high taxes 3. 100 years of resource extraction should have a payback that is real and pertinent 4. This amount of money (10,000) is peanuts to the Whistler corridor (where a lot of us also spend money)

5/14/2014 9:14 AM

schedule: have road plowed for May long weekend annually

5/14/2014 8:57 AM

Crowdfunding the Hurley isn’t fair. I’ve contributed cash in the past towards plowing this route and the problem is that those who choose not to participate get to use the road anyway. 15K seems trivial in light of the misuse of public funds by some government entities, and it boggles the mind to think that uninformed bureaucrats can harm the economic well-being of an area due to their ignorance.

5/14/2014 8:35 AM

try opening June 23rd , snow should be considerably less and we should raise money towards it also, governments are more receptive when it isn’t all coming out of gov’t coffers.

5/13/2014 10:12 PM

The Hurley is integral to the economic vitality of the Bridge River Valley community. The summer tourist season is brief as it is. Waiting for the snow to melt decreases this window plus the uncertainty of knowing when the road will be passable will be a further detriment.

5/13/2014 5:22 PM

as a recreation property owner in gold bridge not having the hurley clear of snow, would significantly limit our recreation season. very sad…

5/13/2014 12:20 PM

This road is very important connection to the coast and it needs to be maintained (graded) and that also means plowed.

5/13/2014 7:26 AM

150 people paying $100 or 100 people paying $150

5/13/2014 7:25 AM

With tourism a major player in the local and provincial economy this road and the area it accesses needs to be opened to provide entry to this beautiful region. Although Hwy 40 provides year round access, the Hurley is an experience well worth the minor funds required to clear it annually.

5/13/2014 6:00 AM

Option 2 will take forever….$15k is not much to ask once a year….what are our property taxes at Gun Lake paying for ? we need a fire exit…grrr.

5/12/2014 10:07 PM

Get innergex to donate equitment

5/12/2014 9:41 PM

Not interested in being trapped by a wildfire because gov’t can’t come up with$15K. Ridiculous. I lived here during 2009 fires, there was no way out at one point not fun.

5/12/2014 9:34 PM

No cap of 15k per year. The hurley needs to be open for May Long!

5/12/2014 9:31 PM

I would support a crowd fundraiser for this year because the Hurley will have snow on it again before we see any gov money this year but after this year the gov should pay. They are not increasing the budget just shortening the window of use for the Hurley. This will definitely hurt business this year. At least this is a low snow year.

5/12/2014 9:23 PM

Maintain it once it’s melted out! – province or whoever’s land it’s on should be responsible for maintenance

5/12/2014 9:20 PM

For this year but raising $ should not become an annual method. Our taxes should cover the cost of plowing it open.

5/12/2014 9:18 PM

The government has fixed their last screw up and now by only going half way continue to fail in their thought process. The decision not to clear snow will decrease business, and lower property values which will lower the provincial tax revenues.

5/12/2014 9:05 PM

Or joint gov/ fundraiser . Rather spend money on clearing than on gas

5/12/2014 8:43 PM

whats the point of maintaining it when it will only be in use for 2 months lesss!!!

5/12/2014 8:07 PM

This road is critical to the area and should be recognized as so by the government

I'd rather be on the Hurley!  Duffey Lake Rd on May 21.

I’d rather be on the Hurley! Duffey Lake Rd on May 21.


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Hurley Snow Removal Update

A group email was sent out today to people who emailed Jackie Tegart so they are aware Hurley Drivers are not happy about the decision not to plow.   This is the email that was sent below.  If you want the Hurley plowed keep the pressure going until it gets done!

Jackie Tegart 877-378-4802 –
Jordan Sturdy 604 922-1153 –

Thanks so much for your email regarding concerns with the maintenance plan for the Hurley Road. I am pleased to respond on behalf of MLA Jackie Tegart.

MLA Tegart has received a number of emails on this issue and understands that not having snow removal is an issue for residents. She is working with MLA Sturdy to explore the possibility of including snow removal as required in the annual work plan for the Hurley. We will keep you informed as additional information becomes available.


Lori Pilon
Constituency Assistant to
Jackie Tegart, MLA Fraser-Nicola
Box 279, Ashcroft BC, V0K 1A0
Office (250) 453-9726
Cell (250) 457-3344
Toll free: 1-877-378-4802

I'd rather be on the Hurley!  Duffey Lake Rd on May 21.

I’d rather be on the Hurley! Duffey Lake Rd on May 21.

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No snow plowing!


Debbie Demare received a call today from our MLA Jacquie Tegart.  MLA Jordan Sturdy & herself have gone back to MFLNRO about the snow clearing for this year.  Stand by, not a done deal at all, BUT at least she is working on it.. This will need to come out of the budget for maintenance so it still isn’t the long term fix….which is to maintain the road properly AND ensure it is opening (at a reasonable cost) for the spring.

If you haven’t already spoken to your MLA about this, give them a call now!

Jackie Tegart 877-378-4802

Jordan Sturdy 604 922-1153

Many of you have already heard that with the new change in ownership of the Hurley, snow plowing is no longer in the budget and the plan is to let the road melt out naturally.  This means there will be no Hurley access until late June or July/August some years depending on the snow pack.  The budget this year is $110,000 which includes a one time payment of $80,000 to work on known road issues.  That only leaves  $30,000 for the rest of the summer maintenance, grading etc.  Estimated cost with the low snowpack this year is only between $8,000 – $10,000.

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Hurley Road Ownership Changes Hands

* This post has been updated at 12.35 pm with new information regarding budgets & who to voice your concern to *

The Hurley has gone back to being a Forest Service Road!   This news is really great and it sounds like more maintenance will be done.  That’s the good news, now for the bad news.  Unfortunately now there is no money in the budget for snow plowing and the plan is to let the road melt out naturally.  This means there will be no Hurley access until late June or July/August some years depending on the snow pack.  The budget this year is $110,000 which includes a one time payment of $80,000 to work on known road issues.  That only leaves  $30,000 for the rest of the summer maintenance, grading etc.

Tom Illidge the local contractor who has plowed the Hurley many times estimated this year it would cost between $8,000 – $10,000.   Tom is ready to go if he gets the call!

This decision was made by Provincial Government & not the Squamish Lillooet Regional District who were only told about it.   If you are not happy with this decision you need to let your local MLA know about it as soon as possible.  Give them a call and send them an email with your thoughts and suggestions.

Jackie Tegart 877-378-4802

Jordan Sturdy 604 922-1153

Message from our SLRD Area A Director Debbie Demare: The single most important thing you can do is phone your MLA , whoever that is, and ask them to call you back.. Keep phoning until they do. They are supposed to represent YOU not the other way around. Then send an email. Then take the survey above, click on Hurley Survey above these posts. As your regional district director, as usual, it falls to local government to be the ones doing the real representing of their residents, I am hosting a toll free teleconference tomorrow(Thursday, 15th) at 8 am. You need to email me if you wish to be on it and I will send out the teleconference info late tonight.

Please take this survey to let us know what your thoughts are about this decision:

Hurley Survey


This is the official statement from MLA Jackie Tegart from her website:

PEMBERTON – The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is assuming ownership and summer maintenance of the Hurley River Road from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Hurley River Road is a 49-kilometre two-lane gravel road, located 30 kilometres west of Pemberton, which services the communities of Gold Bridge, Bralorne and Gun Lake. Until now, various sections fell under the authority of two different ministries. This change puts in place a Forest Service Road designation for the entire length of the road.

“The Hurley River Road is an important link between communities and supports local tourism and economic development opportunities,” said West Vancouver-Sea to Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy. “By bringing the road under the purview of one ministry, we can ensure consistent management of the route, improve road safety for summer travellers and importantly, legitimize off-road vehicle use.”

“This initiative came from the community and lots of benefits will flow to residents including opportunities to promote local economic development,” said Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart.

“I am very pleased that MLA Sturdy and MLA Tegart listened to myself and our community and worked hard to make this step in the right direction for the long-term maintenance of the road possible,” said Debbie Demare, Electoral Area A Director for the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District. “This road is a critical economic driver for the Bridge River Valley, and it is great to see the government do something that will allow for a more effective use of available budget and produce a better result on the Hurley River Road.”

The Hurley River Road traverses remote, high mountain terrain and several avalanche paths. As part of the transfer agreement, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will provide up to $110,000 for additional gravel, drainage, maintenance and other improvements for the coming summer season. The road will remain unmaintained during the winter season. There will be no snowplowing on the road, regardless of time of year. The transfer of maintenance funding will improve safety, reliability and the travelling experience for tourists and other summer road users.

D8 Cat gets the job done!

Tom Illidge gets the job done!

Hurley May 26 2012

Hurley May 26 2012

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Spring 2014 Update

It’s that time of the year again when residents start wondering if the Hurley will be open for the May long weekend.  We will be posting information on this site as soon as it comes in.

This is the latest update which Debbie Demare, our SLRD Regional Area A Director posted on her website which gives us some hope:

MLA Sturdy supported by MLA Tegart have been working on our behalf on our requests to have the Hurley Road put in the jurisdiction of one ministry and also to have a more consistent, overall level of maintenance on the road.  I received a copy of a letter to one of our property owners from their MLA and I quote:

This ministry and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are currently engaged in discussions focused on providing a more consistent level of road maintenance across the entire 49 kms of Hurley River Road.  Both agencies have heard from the public and stakeholders, and we are facilitating a “one window” approach to government, where one local government office (either in Merritt or Squamish) would field all call regarding road maintenance issues.

The two agencies expect to have an arrangement in place to address many of the issues that have been raised by late April 2014…”

This letter was sent on March 27 and signed by an Assistant Deputy Minister.

So folks, fingers crossed something happens and delivers a consistent level of maintenance throughout the road.  This will support many different aspects of the well being of the valley!

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