Hurley 2013 Opening Photos

Posted by on May 13, 2013

Our local SLRD Area A Director  Debbie Demare was first across the Hurley this morning and sent in the following update and photos.

Gold Bridge to the East Hurley has heavy traffic with logging trucks and industrial traffic for the Jamie Creek IPP project.  The sides of the road have been clear cut for the power lines so this section of road looks a lot different now.  Most of the Hurley Road is rough, wet and full of pot holes.  The top 2km has slush/ice sections.  The switchbacks on the Pemberton side are in good shape and it’s the best section of road right now!  Please use 4×4 when climbing up from the Pemberton Valley to conserve the road surface.   There is a broken down sled on the side of the road and also a couple of vehicles.

The Cadwallader Bridge by the mine has been compromised by high water and is closed until further notice. Water has also overrun 3 culverts between Bralorne and the steel bridge so people heading to Bralorne will have to go through Gold Bridge.  Update:  The East Hurley has re-opened again, watch out for logging activity.

Potholes on the Hurley!

Potholes on the Hurley!

Sled on the side of the road

Sled on the side of the road

Near the summit

Conditions near the summit

Tom Illidge Hurley clearing machine!

Tom Illidge Hurley clearing machine!




5 Responses to Hurley 2013 Opening Photos

  1. Chuck

    Yah it was fine when I went through. Just keep you eyes open for the loggers and you should be good.

  2. admin

    The East Hurley is open again

  3. Vince M

    i am heading up from Pemberton on Monday , i heard the EAST Hurley was not open yet. Were there any culvert issues ? I am hoping to take the East Hurley straight to Bralorne and avoid going around . Any info would be great

  4. Chuck

    Came up the Hurley last Wednesday night on the way to Bralorne.

    The climb up on the Pemberton side seemed better than usual until roughly the squamish forestry sign (about half way up the switch backs). From there the climb was very rough, in need of some serious grading!

    The top of the Hurley also seemed rougher than normal until the steel bridge. We took the main Hurley down to Gold Bridge and that portion of the road was by far the smoothest of the entire Hurley.

    Drove home Monday and this time took the east Hurley out from Bralorne. This section of the road is much safer than before thanks to the logging company brushing the sight lines almost the entire way. It will be much easier to see oncoming traffic now with a more open view. Hopefully they grade the road one they are done but as it stands now, it’s in not too bad of shape (for the east Hurley).

    The main Hurley on the way out from the steel bridge down to Pemberton still seems pretty rough and is in desperate need of some grading.

    It was great to see the road open for the long weekend though. Thanks to all involved in making this happen. Hopefuly it becomes the norm!

  5. sharon porter

    Thanks for the info update on the Hurly River Road. We went up and down, (from Vancouver), yesterday and found the surface fairly good most of the way but definitely drive the ‘road” with respect both for the environment and other travellers.



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