First Snow! September 30 2013

Posted by on September 30, 2013

The snow came down low last night and the Hurley received it’s first dump!    Two inches slushy/compact  snow at top for 5km.   East Hurley to Summit very wet and rough.   This is the time of the year that snow can fall anytime up at the summit, drivers need to be prepared for all kinds of conditions and quickly changing conditions.  Thanks to Debbie Demare for the photo from the morning commute!  Update from the afternoon drive: Pemberton Switchbacks up to summit in better (although not great) shape than they have been all summer.  Graded recently.


Hurley Summit September 30 2013

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  1. Chuck

    Just came down the Hurley today. It was free from snow but sure not from exposed boulders or pot holes!

    The middle part down to the Squamish forest district sign is very rough. Pretty much all pot holes and bolders all the way. The hill down from there to the Lillooet river is better, but not like the old days. The flats along the river are by far the best.

    Saw lots of traffic coming up. Maybe next year they will do a better job I hope. We can always dream right!

  2. Anton

    What a novel idea, the right tool for the job !!!!! Same go’s for plowing the Hurley for May Long, this year it actually opened early because the right tool was used for a change.

  3. Dale


    It was interesting to see how much of a difference using the proper grader makes to the condition of the road. I see that a 16G (Squamish mills?) graded the pemberton side to the Tanquille turn off last week. That machine can move some material – great job! Too bad all the other parties involved in maintaining the Hurley can’t get together and send that machine all the way to the steel bridge at least once a year. But i guess that would be too efficient – better to turn around at the Tanquille and have interior roads beat the snot out of their smaller grader – which has little effect actually improving the road.

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