Posted by on January 11, 2014

A big winter storm finally hit us!   35cm fell at Gun Lake so it’s probably really deep up on the Hurley today!   The Avalanche conditions are HIGH and extreme caution should be taken on the Hurley and anywhere in the backcountry.  Road 40 is closed today because several avalanches have come across the road.

Anyone venturing into the backcountry should read this Avalanche Blog Post from CAC Forecaster Joe Lammers  before they head out!   Play safe everyone and enjoy the snow!!

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  1. chuck

    I received a letter from the assistant deputy minister of transport regarding the Hurley the other day. In it they state:

    “they are currently engaged in discussions focused on providing a more constant level of road maintenance accross the entire 49km’s of the Hurley. They expect to have an arrangement in place by late April of this year and a communication will be sent out at that time”.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed that this results in what we are all hoping for with the hurley!

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