Spring 2014 Update

Posted by on April 30, 2014

It’s that time of the year again when residents start wondering if the Hurley will be open for the May long weekend.  We will be posting information on this site as soon as it comes in.

This is the latest update which Debbie Demare, our SLRD Regional Area A Director posted on her website which gives us some hope:   DebbieDemare.com

MLA Sturdy supported by MLA Tegart have been working on our behalf on our requests to have the Hurley Road put in the jurisdiction of one ministry and also to have a more consistent, overall level of maintenance on the road.  I received a copy of a letter to one of our property owners from their MLA and I quote:

This ministry and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are currently engaged in discussions focused on providing a more consistent level of road maintenance across the entire 49 kms of Hurley River Road.  Both agencies have heard from the public and stakeholders, and we are facilitating a “one window” approach to government, where one local government office (either in Merritt or Squamish) would field all call regarding road maintenance issues.

The two agencies expect to have an arrangement in place to address many of the issues that have been raised by late April 2014…”

This letter was sent on March 27 and signed by an Assistant Deputy Minister.

So folks, fingers crossed something happens and delivers a consistent level of maintenance throughout the road.  This will support many different aspects of the well being of the valley!

2 Responses to Spring 2014 Update

  1. chuck

    Lastest rumour is that they will NO longer be clearing the Hurley of snow as part of the new arrangement on Hurley maintanence. This could mean it wont be drivable until July depending on how deep the snow pack is each ear.

    If you think this is unacceptable based on how high our taxes are, you better get on the horn to your MLA before its too late!

  2. chuck

    Any news on when the snow clearing of the Hurley will begin for 2014?

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