No snow plowing!

Posted by on May 15, 2014


Debbie Demare received a call today from our MLA Jacquie Tegart.  MLA Jordan Sturdy & herself have gone back to MFLNRO about the snow clearing for this year.  Stand by, not a done deal at all, BUT at least she is working on it.. This will need to come out of the budget for maintenance so it still isn’t the long term fix….which is to maintain the road properly AND ensure it is opening (at a reasonable cost) for the spring.

If you haven’t already spoken to your MLA about this, give them a call now!

Jackie Tegart 877-378-4802

Jordan Sturdy 604 922-1153

Many of you have already heard that with the new change in ownership of the Hurley, snow plowing is no longer in the budget and the plan is to let the road melt out naturally.  This means there will be no Hurley access until late June or July/August some years depending on the snow pack.  The budget this year is $110,000 which includes a one time payment of $80,000 to work on known road issues.  That only leaves  $30,000 for the rest of the summer maintenance, grading etc.  Estimated cost with the low snowpack this year is only between $8,000 – $10,000.

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  1. Ashley

    Has anyone been to the Hurley summit recently? Do we know how deep the snow is currently and where it becomes unpassable from either direction?

  2. Andrew Ware

    This makes no sense ! $80,000 for road issues. Leaving $30,000 for the rest of the summer. it is getting $80,000 worth of maintenance and yet there is nobody travelling the road. Call Jackie Tegart and Jordan Sturdy and let the know just how unfair this is to the tax payers from Gun lake. I find travelling highway 40 is extremely dangerous , it is time for people to keep up the pressure. CALL THE MLA’S now.

  3. Ashley

    What is the point of spending money to maintain a road that would only be available for our use from July (or sometimes August) until it is typically snow covered in November? Just plow the damn snow.

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