Snow Plowing Update 2

Posted by on May 24, 2014

What is going on with the snow plowing on the Hurley and how can you help?  Here is some background information, steps to take to put the pressure on  and the results from the snow clearing survey.

A spring opening (by plowing snow) has occurred on the Hurley River Rd. for many years, CONSECUTIVELY!  The ministries have been unable to provide us information on exactly how many, but our community knows…  the amazing machine operator that has done it for a lifetime lives here and he knows!!!!

In 2013, as a result of deteriorating conditions on the middle (MOTi) portion, many Area A Taxpayers began to write and request:
1.       That the road be put under one Ministry & preferably MOFLNRO so that off road (snowmobiles in particular) could use it without a lot of hassle.
2.       That the maintenance be consistent throughout the entire road.
3.       That the road bed issues be worked on as/how budget was available.

The spring opening issue was not mentioned because it was a given as it had occurred so many years in a row.  The announcement that was made several weeks ago made the entire situation into an either/or – either better maintenance or a spring opening.   They chose no spring opening.

This is NOT what this community requested.
This is NOT contributing to the economic and community viability in the Bridge River Valley.
This is NOT contributing to safety in the region by providing a second exit.
This is NOT making an investment in this rural community.
This IS a cut in service!!!

This is NOT acceptable to our community.  The Hurley River Rd. needs to be maintained as above AND opened in the spring.  This is a reasonable request that matches the level of taxes and services taken from our area.

The Hurley River Rd is a critical direct link to the largest markets that match our area – recreational property owners, back country users and tourists.    The longer this continues the more this damages this area for a very long time.  The spring opening needs to happen now!!!

Please write the Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson –
Please write, MLA Donna Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development –
If you haven’t already, please write the MLA’s or copy on your letters.
Jackie Tegart  –
Jordan Sturdy –

Send us your photos of why  “I would rather be on the Hurley”  and we will post and  circulate through Social Media.

Hurley snow plow survey

Hurley Snow Plow Survey Results

Comments from the Snow Plow Survey Results:


Beautiful British Columbia is becoming more and more inaccessible with constant government cutbacks including neglecting and selling out BC parks!

5/20/2014 10:40 AM

This is total unacceptable, peoples lives are at stake here ! Get that road plowed, and service the tax paying citizens that live in the BRV ! Govt – get off your butts, do your job, or lose it !

5/17/2014 3:21 PM

I never found the road that bad, lets get it open…thats the most important thing

5/14/2014 4:03 PM

I choose this option as a longer term solution to this significant problem. As for an immediate response, yes I would support crowdfunding as lobby will take time.

5/14/2014 2:21 PM

Just for everyone’s info. People living up Gun Creek Road and Tyax area also use the Hurley. Everything is centered on Bralorne, Gold Bridge and Gun Lake. Are we not important enough to be included?

5/14/2014 1:41 PM

It should be the goal to have this road not only properly maintained when it is open, but to be open for the May long weekend when it’s safe to do so. Why do I pay so much in tax if I can’t even get to my place via this shorter, safer route!

5/14/2014 11:00 AM

Lets get it done and use the balance of the year to address the issues with government and the ministry. If 50 people paid $200 we could get it done. It costs us all more the $200 to drive around. Not the solution we want for now, but it would save our summer. I am in.

5/14/2014 10:04 AM

1. subdivisions for people from Vancouver need that road 2. Very high taxes 3. 100 years of resource extraction should have a payback that is real and pertinent 4. This amount of money (10,000) is peanuts to the Whistler corridor (where a lot of us also spend money)

5/14/2014 9:14 AM

schedule: have road plowed for May long weekend annually

5/14/2014 8:57 AM

Crowdfunding the Hurley isn’t fair. I’ve contributed cash in the past towards plowing this route and the problem is that those who choose not to participate get to use the road anyway. 15K seems trivial in light of the misuse of public funds by some government entities, and it boggles the mind to think that uninformed bureaucrats can harm the economic well-being of an area due to their ignorance.

5/14/2014 8:35 AM

try opening June 23rd , snow should be considerably less and we should raise money towards it also, governments are more receptive when it isn’t all coming out of gov’t coffers.

5/13/2014 10:12 PM

The Hurley is integral to the economic vitality of the Bridge River Valley community. The summer tourist season is brief as it is. Waiting for the snow to melt decreases this window plus the uncertainty of knowing when the road will be passable will be a further detriment.

5/13/2014 5:22 PM

as a recreation property owner in gold bridge not having the hurley clear of snow, would significantly limit our recreation season. very sad…

5/13/2014 12:20 PM

This road is very important connection to the coast and it needs to be maintained (graded) and that also means plowed.

5/13/2014 7:26 AM

150 people paying $100 or 100 people paying $150

5/13/2014 7:25 AM

With tourism a major player in the local and provincial economy this road and the area it accesses needs to be opened to provide entry to this beautiful region. Although Hwy 40 provides year round access, the Hurley is an experience well worth the minor funds required to clear it annually.

5/13/2014 6:00 AM

Option 2 will take forever….$15k is not much to ask once a year….what are our property taxes at Gun Lake paying for ? we need a fire exit…grrr.

5/12/2014 10:07 PM

Get innergex to donate equitment

5/12/2014 9:41 PM

Not interested in being trapped by a wildfire because gov’t can’t come up with$15K. Ridiculous. I lived here during 2009 fires, there was no way out at one point not fun.

5/12/2014 9:34 PM

No cap of 15k per year. The hurley needs to be open for May Long!

5/12/2014 9:31 PM

I would support a crowd fundraiser for this year because the Hurley will have snow on it again before we see any gov money this year but after this year the gov should pay. They are not increasing the budget just shortening the window of use for the Hurley. This will definitely hurt business this year. At least this is a low snow year.

5/12/2014 9:23 PM

Maintain it once it’s melted out! – province or whoever’s land it’s on should be responsible for maintenance

5/12/2014 9:20 PM

For this year but raising $ should not become an annual method. Our taxes should cover the cost of plowing it open.

5/12/2014 9:18 PM

The government has fixed their last screw up and now by only going half way continue to fail in their thought process. The decision not to clear snow will decrease business, and lower property values which will lower the provincial tax revenues.

5/12/2014 9:05 PM

Or joint gov/ fundraiser . Rather spend money on clearing than on gas

5/12/2014 8:43 PM

whats the point of maintaining it when it will only be in use for 2 months lesss!!!

5/12/2014 8:07 PM

This road is critical to the area and should be recognized as so by the government

I'd rather be on the Hurley!  Duffey Lake Rd on May 21.

I’d rather be on the Hurley! Duffey Lake Rd on May 21.


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