Hurley Snow Photos

Posted by on May 26, 2014

Yesterday a team of adventurous Hurley users drove up to snowline to take a look at the snow conditions.   They got to 22.5km on the Pemberton side before they turned around and reported that the snow was 18-24”deep in most spots.  Thanks to Ashley for the photos and update!

Keep the pressure on to get the Hurley plowed!  Please write the Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson –
Please write, MLA Donna Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development –
If you haven’t already, please write the MLA’s or copy on your letters.
Jackie Tegart  –
Jordan Sturdy –

Look how sad these kids are because the Hurley is closed!

Look how sad these kids are that the Hurley is closed!

Look how sad these kids are that the Hurley is closed!


22.5km on the Hurley on 25 May 2014

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  1. \heather Baines

    The Hurley is such an important road in to the Goldbridge area for the residents & tourism it should be ploughed out for the May long week-end. Considering the resources that are taken out of the area money should be put back in to the area

  2. MartyMountain

    The following is a letter I sent to all four contacts(MLA’s etc.) Hello Mr. Sturdy, this letter is regarding the amount of resource been taken from the SLRD side and the Lillooet Thompson side of the Hurley river road. The Hurly road has been a transport route for countless logs, power projects and mining, over the last few years the maintenance of this road has been failing to be a predictable access to the communities of Bralorne, Goldbridge, and Gun Lake, it even effects Pemberton..thats the close one to Whistler, the high profile destination seeing millions in highway improvements for an olympic event.
    I have been a property owner in Bralorne for ten years or more.
    For all the years I can remember going to the cabin was a ritual of spring, May long weekend would see the first influx of cars and campers heading up the bumpy route to go camp fish and recreate. Pemberton profits from this traffic and Bralorne and Goldbridge you can say depend on it. The closure of forestry and campsites were a hard hit to mountain towns, all over BC.
    Over the last few years a run on our resources has hit a high we havnt seen in years. These projects DIRECTLY AFFECT COMMUNITiES , politicians think that a few temporary jobs make up for a lifetime of impact.
    Please take into consideration the revenue being created for the fed. govt. by all these projects.
    New powerlines, rivers with giant pipes and tunnels, the massive logging slashes I now see everywhere must mean some revenue is being generated. People still need a place to live not just work. I dont think I am being a socialist by saying the citizens and taxpayers of this province deserve better. Plowing less than 10km of road seems an easy task.
    The definition of a resource curse is when resources are taken from an area with negative effects, leaving the local population with nothing to show for it. This was a third world issue now its happening in Canada.
    Please help keep our resources a positive, not a negative. Stop subsidizing independent power projects with tax payer money and put it back into our communities.

    Thanks for your time,
    sincerely, Marty M

  3. annonymous

    2.4 million dollars is being spent on 7.2 km of road through the Pemberton Meadows , for re surfacing and a new bike lane for cyclists. It was announced May 23 on Mtn fm. This is all thanks to Mla Jordan Sturdy the same gentlemen who cant seem to find 8 – $10,000 to plow the Hurley. Please keep the pressure on the mla’s as well as the higher ups. The Hurley will not be plowed unless we stick together and demand answers.
    Mr Sturdy knew about the no plow of the Hurley back in Nov 2013. Please ask him WHY …

  4. Fraser

    May 27th and still no plow service… Was hoping to drive the Hurley on my way up north. If there is actually 18″ to 24″ on the road there must be several feet at the summit! Yikes, we might not be able to access this until August. Hang in there everybody, it’ll eventually open, someday.

  5. richard

    I hope these responsible for not plowing Hurley next winter get stack home when City will not plow the streets around their property

  6. Rob Falck

    This is getting ridiculous , plow the damn thing . AS ALWAYS

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