Hurley Road Opening 2014

Posted by on June 6, 2014

Today Hurley users had a conference call with MLA’s Tegart and Sturdy for an update on the snow clearing issue.   On Monday an avalanche hazard assessment will be done to make sure the road is safe for the workers and the snow clearing will begin later in the week.     The Hurley will be open to public traffic on Friday at noon!

The MLA’s and local residents are still working on a long term plan for the Hurley.

Thanks to Dale Douglas from Tyax Adventures for flying over the Hurley summit today and sending in this photo of the snow that remains at the pass.

Railroad Pass on the Hurley June 6th 2014

Railroad Pass on the Hurley June 6th 2014 – photo from Tyax Adventures

3 Responses to Hurley Road Opening 2014

  1. admin

    The Hurley will be open next Friday June 13th

  2. David duChemin

    Can anyone confirm whether the Hurley is now open? This post says Friday at noon, but I’m not sure if we’re talking about Friday, June 06, the date on the post, or this coming Friday, June 13th. Any updates would be appreciated. Thank you for this site.

  3. Chuck

    Looking forward to seeing what the affected communities decide should be the priority for the Hurley. Earlier opening/less maintanence or later opening/smoother road.

    It’s good that they are listening.

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