Hurley Opening Conditions

Posted by on June 11, 2014

UPDATE:  The closed sign still says Closed and MOT has been contacted to unlock the sign into the Open position.   The grading has been completed and the operator took a pass on the Squamish side but it was challenging as there is not much material to work with.   Reports in from Hurley users put the road in fairly good shape from the Summit to Gold Bridge.

The Hurley opened on Monday afternoon which was earlier than the predicted Friday opening.  Thank you to the MOF grader for getting it done so quickly!

Road up the Pemberton switchbacks same as usual. Just other side of summit has been graded and the road is in GREAT shape all the way to Gold Bridge.

You can see grader has been working hard on some of the nastier potholes.

Hill down into Gold Bridge washboarding and Boralex (who is responsible for that part of the road) has been notified.

Easy 3.5 hr drive from North Vancouver to Gun Lake yesterday.

Very very dry up there, no snow  just the small patches at the summit . The grader is still sitting up there .  Summit area has not yet been graded.

There is a tree/rock debris slide on the E. Hurley about 8 kms from Bralorne.  It is passable if carefully navigated.  Followups to Ministry to get a machine
In there to clear out are underway.

Thank you to Debbie Demare for the driver update!  We have had reports coming in from other drivers of flat tires.  Grading exposes new sharp rocks and all Hurley users should be prepared with a full size spare tire and a plug kit and all the accessories!  Click for tips on driving the Hurley road and other resources roads.


Snow conditions at the Hurley summit on June 10, 2014


MOF Grader is working on the road this week


Freshly graded road surface

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  1. chuck

    Just came up the Hurley (H) and thought I should give an update.

    The flats along the river on the Pemmby side are fantastic! Nice and smooth with no pot holes and just small to medium loose rocks. They are logging somewhere past the H turn off out towards meager creek, so we passed a couple of logging and crew trucks on the way up as they were driving out.

    The first couple of km’s up the switch back have been graded and are really good. There is a grader parked part way up and up and once you get past it the road gets much rougher. After that the switch backs are bumpy with exposed boulder and pot holes but still better than last year.

    Once you get passed the summit the H gets much smoother again, with just small to medium loose rocks and the occasional pot hole. Took the east Hurley this time in and it was pretty good. There are a couple of trees down over the road but you can get past without any issues. Just the usual pot holes on the east H but no big deal.

    Overall the H is much better than last year. If they lay down some gravel on the switch backs and grade it everything should be all good.

    I’ll give another update in a week and a half when we head back to the lower mainland.

  2. ChuckT

    Just back in the lower mainland via the Hurley and to me it seemed pretty good. I wasn’t sure about the east Hurley so I went through Gold Bridge on the way out of the valley.

    Came up the hill from Gold Bridge and it was in good shape with just some loose gravel and small rocks from time to time, not bad at all.

    The top middle section was in really good shape and I was able to do between 70-80 kmh when it was safe to do so on the straight stretches. Its been a few years since it was in that good of shape and it was a plesant surprise

    About the only part that seemed a bit rough was the switch backs down to pemberton. They have been graded but the road surface is down to the bedrock and as a result there are some exposed bolders in places which can get pretty bumpy. Its better than last year but is the roughest part of the whole Hurley by far.

    The flats on the pemberton side were like a highway with a grader working there today as I drove out, really nice on the flats and I was also able to get up to 80 on the straight stretches.

    Overall the Hurley is in the best shape I have seen in the last few years. Hopefully they plan on bringing in some material to lay down on the pemberton switch backs side to build it back up again from the hard bedrock. If they do that and then maybe spray it with something to keep it from getting all worn away to quickly, things will be great for this season.

    Overall I give it a thumbs up and will be using the Hurley for travel to and from the valley this summer unless things change.

  3. chuck

    Any updates on the Hurley?

    What’s the latest?

  4. chuck

    Man, its sounding pretty rough out there! I guess I’ll be going to long way until things improve.

    Hopefully the $80,000 they are supposed to be spending this year on the Hurley results in some serious upgrades.

  5. CraigH

    I spoke too soon.

    Another flat coming down on the Pemberton side, E load rated tire with ~15,000km on it (new late last summer). Sidewall cut from rocks that were sitting in a pot hole. At least I had a full size spare and the jack/tools to change it this time.

  6. Bryson M.

    On Friday June 13, attempted to travel from Bralorne along east Hurley Road to Main Hurley Road and was obstructed by a large log across the road at 4.5km. Had to travel back around and through Gold Bridge.

  7. Big bear

    Having just been over the road I can say it was the worst I’ve seen on the pemberton side. Top down to brv it is what it is. But pemberton side do we not know that’s near bed rock. Grading does nothing but turn up the arrow heads and baseballs. Wait to weeks the tenquille straight away going up will keep pioneer Paul happy for most of the summer. People complain about this road, please. Anyone remember the old Hurley ? I do. This road is a beast it will eat your truck and spit it out. This is not a road you drop your air pressure down . It’s a road that you respect, in turn it will provide you with the most breathtaking views and an enjoyable drive. Your out of the city now relax. There is no need to over drive this road. You will miss the experience. I agree it should be opened for may long, no question but let’s get selective on the grading. I have driven this road in many seasons and conditions it is always changing and always beautiful. I don’t need a shirt or bumper sticker to say I survived the Hurley just gear down big rig and enjoy the show. It was my little bears first trips over this weekend I want him to remember this road for it’s beauty and learn to respect it as he will with nature. There’s nothing wrong with waving either look where we are.

  8. Spencer


    Yes! Everyone be careful with your tires. It helps if you have a truck with even stock all season road tires to let the air out to about 25psi. This WILL save you from all but the worst spiky rocks. Make sure you have a 12v air compressor handy or be prepared to get back to Pemberton in “soft steer” mode.

    Plug kits are also really useful for repairs on route so you aren’t without a spare after changing tires.

  9. CraigH

    Freshly graded = lots of sharp pointed rocks turned up looking for unsuspecting tires.

    Make sure you have a good spare, a jack that fits your vehicle, and the tools to change your tire.


    I flatted last year on the freshly graded Hurley, a sharp rock punched a twoonie size hole through the E-load range tire tread.

    I discovered that even though I had the factory jack, my vehicle was missing the tool to get the spare tire off the vehicle. Thanks to the passing truck driver who loaned me the tool to remove the spare.

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