Grading Update

Posted by on August 12, 2014

Good news for Hurley users!   The grader will be here with a water truck  to start on the Gold Bridge side today.  Yield to the grader and take care when passing.   Road updates and photos can be sent to for posting on the site.   Enjoy your drive!

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  1. CraigH

    BTW, didn’t see any water tankers so the freshly graded sections are very dusty.

  2. CraigH

    Drove over it yesterday about lunch time from the GB side to Pemberton.

    From the bridge to the Dowton Lake turn off it is it’s normal washboarded & rocky self.

    From the Dowton Lake turn off to the East Hurley intersection has been graded. Thanks! (The grader was parked at the intersection so will likely be working up towards towards the South.)

    Another grader was working on the Pemberton side from the Tenquille Lake road (Branch 28) intersection down towards the 14km marker. The operator was working during the day so watch for the big rocks piled up in the center of the road.) Thanks to the operator for doing a great job.

    The section from Railroad Pass to Tenquille Lake road intersection is in rough shape, lots of big rocks embedded in the road bed. This is the roughest section and probably needs some rebuilding with new road building material.

  3. Thomas

    Starting on gold bridge side, then grading the whole Hurley?

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