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Posted by on August 28, 2014

Good news!   The Hurley maintenance project will start in September.   A fully executed contract for the works on the Hurley is in place and here are some details on the project.  Thank you to Malcolm Schulz & Ken Conway-Brown from the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations for the updates and keeping us informed!    New signs have been placed on the Hurley and unfortunately someone has already put graffiti on a sign at the summit.   Please respect the work that is being done to fix the road and also the signage that is being installed..

* Project start: September 2nd
* Project completion: September 19th (approx.).  I do not think the contractor will be working during the weekend, but will confirm once we have reviewed a final construction schedule.
* Project scope: to lift the road between the 18.5 km and 23 km markers (above the Tenquille turnoff), then to work down the road concentrating on the worst sections.  The whole goal is to put as much surfacing material back onto the road so we have something to grade in subsequent years.  We are asking that all material being placed on the road be 10 cm minus and be compacted, crowned and gradable.
* Road closures: will be kept to a maximum of two hours, with openings of the road for the first ten minutes of every even hour (i.e. 8:00, 10:00, 12:00….).
* Signage: of the project will be placed by the contractor at the following locations: 0 km on the Lillooet River Forest Service Road, and at the start of the Hurley River Forest Service Road (9km). In the Cascade District signs must be placed at 0 km of the Hurley River Forest Service Road and the start of the East Hurley (Bralorne).
* Users should anticipate several large pieces of equipment working on the road.  Please drive with extreme caution and respect the signage and traffic control.


New signage on the Hurley.


Beautiful Hurley views on 26 August 2014.

Racoon on the Hurley!

Raccoon on the Hurley


7 Responses to Maintenance Update

  1. danb

    here is an idea, quit complaining about the road and get yourself a truck or capable vehicle !. the minute the hurley gets too improved is the minute all the unwanted riif raft and tour buses will flood our area.
    wouldn’t you love to see a tour bus full of Chinese driving around gun lake !

  2. Dave Aitken

    I drove the Hurley on Sept 6 and again Sept 14.
    As far as I can tell, there are a couple more machines near the “so called” work area and one of the piles of material is slightly bigger today, but NO work has been done on the raod surface. The road is a mess!!!!
    I would like to know when this work is going to begin.
    When can we expect even a minor improvement?
    Our tax dollars at work. Never trust a polititian.

  3. Phil

    I understand the 2 hour window concept but not clear on where exactly the road closures are so you can plan on where you have to be. Please advise or is it best to contact the District Office @ 250-378-8400?

  4. Kenn Dubeau

    I was planning on heading up to Tyak lodge for a bike trip in 2 weeks. I am going to be towing a small fiberglass trailer with my 4×4-ish Honda Element. Should I even be attempting this drive with my trailer and vehicle? Perhaps a long way around is in order.

  5. Craig Hunt

    As of 2014-09-06 they haven’t started work on the road yet although there is equipment up there and they have started opening up gravel pits for material. The rest of the Hurley is it’s normal bumpy pot holed self.

  6. admin

    We don’t know when the road closures will be yet and when we do the times will be posted.

  7. Johnny

    Can you please elaborate on the road closures? Are there particular times when the road will be closed that we should avoid?

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