Spring Update #2

Posted by on March 12, 2015

Spring temperatures are still in effect and the Hurley is melting fast!  Some trucks have reported making  it over while the temps are cold in the morning at the summit however the road is in rough shape at the summit with iced up bumps from the sleds & is not recommended for driving just yet.   Be prepared for self rescue if you attempt to go over because if things don’t go as planned  you will likely be the only vehicle up there!   There is snow/ice at the summit for several km’s north to Hope Creek where the snow turns into dirt until Green Mt where there is another few km of snow and then it’s dirt to Gold Bridge.   The snow/ice surface is softening up in the warm weather and there are reports of some vehicles getting stuck.  It looks like the valley rain fell as snow at higher elevations last night but the amount is unknown at this time.

Ashley and his adventurous boys Leo & Samuel drove over yesterday in their ATV with a trailer and reported it was no problem with quite a bit of snow still at the summit but 6 inches or less everywhere else.  Thanks for the report and photos boys!  Please email info@bridgerivervalley.ca if you have Hurley conditions to report.

Leo & Samuel at the Hurley summit

Leo & Samuel at the Hurley summit

Leo & Samuel on the dirt section of the Hurley after Hope Creek

Leo & Samuel on the dirt section of the Hurley after Hope Creek

3 Responses to Spring Update #2

  1. Alan Simmons

    We made it up and over Easter Friday, had to back up a few times. Coming back on Sunday I was towing a trailer that made it a lot harder, but going slow in low range, backing up quite a few times, we made it again.
    There is over 3 feet of hard packed snow at the summit. Make sure you have a good winch in case you sink in.

  2. admin

    Hi Sam, Unfortunately the Hurley is still not open for the season.

  3. Sam

    Hi there

    Reading this post almost a month later and wondering if the road is drivable now? I lived in Vancouver for about 4 years and always meant to do the trip to Gold Beidge from Pembertone. I moved to Terrace about 4 years ago, so the wife and I are travelling down to Burnaby this weekend and are hoping to get to Lillooet and then onto Gold Bridge and then go thru to Pemberton. We have a 4×4 pick up with winter tires (not worth taking those off for that drive!). Any news would be great, otherwise we’ll just have to make another trip this summer!



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