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Posted by on May 4, 2015

Post has been updated with a photo of the summit taken on Monday.  Thanks to Mark from   for the photo.

The Hurley is close to opening, however it is not officially open as yet.   Backcountry Snowcats have spent time, fuel, wear and tear on their snow cat to do some work in the road from just south of the summit to the Face Mt turnoff.  They have removed 5 feet of snow from the centre of the road and the  road is now down to the ice layer.  However, 30 cm of snow has fallen since this was done.  Warm spring days  have arrived but the nights have still been cool.  They are advising that travel is not recommended without a shovel, good winter tires, 4×4, and chains. Some vehicles have made it through but they have also towed 2 vehicles that were stuck.  Thanks to Kathy for this update!

If you appreciate the work that they have done to speed up the opening you can make a donation towards fuel  at Sally’s Pub.  We definitely appreciate the work that Reg and Kathy from Backcountry Snowcats do on the Hurley all winter with the grooming of the road and the updates that they provide so please show your appreciation!

Opening updates will be posted as they come in.

Hurley Summit on Monday

Hurley Summit on Monday

Thanks to Backcountry Snowcats for being a good friend of the Hurley Road!

Thanks to Backcountry Snowcats for being a good friend of the Hurley Road!


3 Responses to Opening Update

  1. Tony

    Awesome work folks you can count on the Italians form Gun lake to contribute. Any time you at the lake we always have cold ones in the fridge. Grazie.

  2. Gerry Waller

    Love the updates and efforts by the Snowcat owner operator’s , Good stuff! I will definetly donate to the fund when I get to the Pub. It’s a catch though… the road will have to be open for me to get to the pub …Thanks in advance.

  3. Graeme

    Does it look like the Hurley will be open by may long weekend? My girlfriend and myself are planning on camping up at Gun Lake over the long weekend.

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