Opening Update #4

Posted by on May 12, 2015

Update from FLNRO

The grader started on Friday.  They conducted our pre work safety meeting.  They graded the rough spots coming up the switchbacks from 9km to 22km. They were plowing snow from here to around 33km (Km’s decreasing). Starting full grading down to 28km.
The grader is parked close to the bridge in a pull out. The snow should be fully melted where we plowed it. It was melting fast by Friday afternoon. They are not sure if there is any snow past 28km,but it looks like they  are through it.
They  will be resuming grading on Monday. The grader operator has been requested to put in long days to get the job done by Thursday.
He is hoping to work 28km to Gold Bridge from Monday to Wednesday, then spend Thursday finishing the switchbacks on the Pemberton end.

If you see the grader working please give him lots of space until it is safe to pass.  People are reporting the Hurley is in great shape except for loose gravel and potholes at the summit.  Please drive slow to preserve the good condition of the road and always use 4wd when climbing to prevent chewing up the road surface.

Grader at Hurley summit

Grader at Hurley summit

7 Responses to Opening Update #4

  1. Tom Illidge

    FOUND FOUND FOUND I found a small Baofeng Professional FM Transceiver on the Hurley, call Tom in Gold Bridge if you are missing one.

  2. Patrick Smyth

    Thank you!!!

  3. Peter

    Thanks for all the hard work and the timely updates, Great work!!!!

  4. Danielle

    Looking forward to our drive up there on the weekend. Thank you so much for the updates and the excellent grading!

  5. kris

    nice work!!!

  6. Birgit

    Great to know we can get to the lake within 4 hours.

    Also good to know there’s an alternative route out of the valley!

    Kudus to the organizers and thanks to the people implementing the conditions.

  7. Norm Verner

    Two hour shorter trip, better scenery, and a road in good shape(thanks to you guys)– what more could youy ask for?

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