East Hurley Washout

Posted by on May 28, 2015

There is a washout on the East Hurley at about the 3km mark from the Hurley junction.  A video has been posted on Facebook.  Hurley drivers heading to Bralorne will need to go through Gold Bridge.  Interior Roads has been notified and will assess the situation.

June 10 Update: Latest update is IRL is currently trying to line up the excavator operator to complete the culvert installation and repair to the site. Hoping for the end of the week.

June 4 Update:  The water is still running with too much volume and intensity to install the culvert. It appears it may not be repaired until early next week. There is an excavator and culvert ready to go as soon as conditions permit construction to occur.

Tuesday June 2nd Update :  IRL has confirmed they will review the site today.  If the water and conditions have subsided enough, they will reinstall the culvert and place some pit run gravel to get the road open hopefully by tomorrow, all things going well.


East Hurley washout

East Hurley washout.  Photo by Bruce Simon

5 Responses to East Hurley Washout

  1. Chuck

    Any word on when it will be fixed?

  2. Martin G

    Sorry I meant culverts
    It’s the dam spell check

  3. Martin G

    I drove over this 2 weeks ago with the creek
    running over the road.
    I’m surprised it lasted this long.
    Converts are no good here they just plug up
    and this happens.

  4. Doug

    We are driving up to Gold Bridge from Vancouver on Saturday. We do not have a 4×4, just a fwd car. Is it safe to drive this?

  5. chuck

    It looks like it could use a second pipe to avoid this hapening in the future.

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