Fall Grading update 3

Posted by on October 2, 2015

Unfortunately the grading that was to occur September 12 did not happen. FLNRO was not aware of this until we drew it to their attention.
They have followed up with the contractor and the grader should be up there today and grading completed in time for the Thanksgiving weekend.
FLNRO understands the road has been somewhat rougher than normal and is working to get that remedied.  They are also going to take a look at some water that has been flowing over the road up towards the summit on Gold Bridge side and determine what is going on there.  This water has not impacted travel.

FLNRO is also aware of some areas that need enhanced attention, such as around the Gwenyth Lake turnoff and will work with the contractor to ensure they extend their grading in these areas.

The E. Hurley washout was repaired by Interior Roads.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH, the plans are being finalized for more surfacing  to be done (i.e. more material added) after Thanksgiving.  The surfacing will begin where the new stretch of surfacing material ended and work its way up to the summit.   There will be some 2 hour closures (AFTER Thanksgiving Weekend) and updates will be provided on when and where that will occur closer to the date.

We would really like to thank FLNRO for their efforts this year to provide consistency in the road conditions and to make best use of the available budget to provide some enhancements.  We also need to remember to thank Reg & Kathy Milne, Backcountry Snowcats for enhancing the available budget by using her snowcat to clear off a stretch of the road this spring thus saving funds in FLNRO’s Hurley budget.


Beautiful fall views on the Hurley Road

3 Responses to Fall Grading update 3

  1. Robert Bitner

    Drove out from the Valley today, Oct. 9th:
    Hurley is in Great Shape generally!
    Especially travelling up the hill from Gold Bridge!
    Vast improvement over the last few years with added surface gravel, etc.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Debbie Demare

    Sal and I were on the Hurley today (Wed.Oct 7). The grader has done the Hurley from Pemberton side over to steel bridge around mid day today. Hurley is in beautiful shape on that section. He appears to have worked hard to pull material into pot holes and dips particularly up near the summit. Good work Squamish Mills!

  3. Mary Benson

    After driving the Hurley in both directions Oct. 2nd, and multiple times this summer, I am glad to hear there will be a grading end to end. In 27 years of travel I have never seen the Hurley in such poor condition as it has been this summer. I appreciate the efforts to improve conditions, but the road surface has deteriorated significantly over the years.

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