Road re-surfacing project

Posted by on October 10, 2015

The grading has been completed and the road is back to being in overall good shape.  Please use 4×4 when climbing the hills to prevent washboards!  After a grading is when the flat tires usually happen so make sure you are equipped with a spare tire and a plug kit with all the accessories and  know how to use them.  Scroll down to the comments section for some more information from other Hurley drivers.

The road re-surfacing  plan is to mob equipment out to the pit location on Tuesday and start the surfacing on Wednesday Oct 14. The signs are in place speaking about the project and potential delays in travel over the Hurley. As information arrives, we will keep you updated as the project goes along.

Monday Update:   Due to some washouts on the Lillooet FSR over the Thanksgiving weekend, the road resurfacing project will be delayed so the machinery can work on the washouts this week. The surfacing with not be starting up until Oct 19.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend and drive safe!

Grading the Hurley on Thursday

Grading the Hurley on Thursday

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  1. John E Robins

    Just Drove the Hurley,Definitely in better shape,however that is not saying much given it was in the worst shape in years. Don’t know who the contractor it is but this is worst job of grading I have ever seen. In the spring we had the same issue,the operator is not working up the old road base enough to remove washboard and fill the potholes.

    Second the comments on the East Hurley. I for one would rather see the East Hurley graded than the Hurley Main

  2. Chuck Townsend

    Any chance Deb you can post the government names we should be bugging about the East Hurley? Interior roads was easy enough to find, but I’m not sure who the other names are we should get after.

  3. Darlene Jeffeson

    Came over the Hurley to Gun Lake on Friday Oct 9. It was in the best shape I’ve seen it in for years. I was very happy to see the majority of the loose rock on the road was gone (particularly Pemby side) and a great job was done with the potholes. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain on Saturday, the ride back to Pemberton on Oct 12 was not as pleasant. Lots of water filled potholes and the loose rock seems to have magically re-appeared at the Gold Bridge end up to the summit. That stuff is the culprit of many a flat tire!

    Keep plugging away at it guys! It is getting better! Thanks! 🙂

  4. foster

    It was raining heavily on Saturday (Oct 10th) when I headed over to Gun Lake. I took the Hurley and by the time I was back by the lilooet river (i was only gone for couple of hours) the road between 4 and 5 marker was washed out.
    The Hurley was in bad shape although we were able to drive through the washed out road and cross over the bridge to get to pemberton meadows and on our journey

  5. Debbie Demare

    The East Hurley is a public road (managed by Min. of Transportation) and classed as an 8F. 8 being only maintained when it is impassable (i.e. they fixed the washouts). F being no winter maintenance. One of the logging companies has left one part of that road in much worse shape than they found it and despite requests have not fixed it, so the challenge on that section is even if budget is put in for “a grade” some or most of that road may be in such poor condition that it is not gradeable.I have asked MOTi to put it in there budget next year. I have also asked the Bralorne Community Advisory Committee to write a letter about it. Individuals can write letters to MOti, their MLA, etc. Also you can go to , click on feedback and send it in that way, that form goes to IRL AND many other transportation officials. For me, I’ll keep working on it to see what we can do next spring…..

  6. Craig Hunt

    Along with the plug kit people will need a 12V air compressor.
    Also make sure your spare is in good shape & you have the tools required to remove it from your vehicle. ( I got caught by this one on my first flat on the Hurley. )
    Make sure you have a lug wrench that is the correct size and the jack will go high enough to raise the vehicle up from a flat to get the inflated spare installed. (Also got caught by this one on my first Hurley flat)
    I hope this helps.

  7. Bralorne

    The East Hurley really needs a grade.

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