Hurley Road Closure

Posted by on October 15, 2015

The Hurley road re surfacing project will start on Monday October 19 near the summit.  It was delayed a week due to the contractor working on slide areas on the Lillooet FSR.   Please see the sign below for opening times.

October 23 Surfacing Update: The first full day on site they made 2kms. They’ve developed multiple pits and are not only dealing with the surfacing but are dealing with culverts, ditching and other road issues as they progress along the road. They say they’ve only held people up for around 5-7 min as the road sections are wide enough to allow people through. Workers may or may not be working over the weekend.  The money is running out quickly and crews expect to be finished next week.

Road Closure

4 Responses to Hurley Road Closure

  1. admin

    The work was completed yesterday!

  2. Justin

    Any recent updates… I plan on using the hurley on the 29th in the afternoon what kind of delays can I expect

  3. Oliver Schneider

    Are they working on the Hurley on the weekend, or just weekdays?

  4. Chuck Townsend

    For those of you that would like to see something done to improve the east Hurley, please contact the following:

    Palesch, Dan TRAN:EX (

    Remind him of the following:

    1. The road was not put back to the condition it was in prior to logging and those companies that logged on the East Hurley need to be accountable for that and get it fixed

    2.The entire road needs a grade next year before it becomes totally impassable do the wear and tear.

    If we cant be bothered to bug these guys then nothing will ever happen!

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