Hurley Opening Update 3

Posted by on May 24, 2017

Winter is holding on at the Hurley summit and there is still 5.5 feet of snow up there!  Snow removal will start on Thursday from the Gold Bridge side and we expect the road to be open sometime the week of May 29th. Another update will be made when the actual date of opening is known.

Hurley Open 2016

Tom Illidge clearing the Hurley in 2016

6 Responses to Hurley Opening Update 3

  1. Meredith

    We have been up the Hurley about a year ago. We have a Mazda CX5, and we were able to get along the road no problem. It can be very bumpy with washboard effects through some of the stretches. As long as you take it VERY slow, and you navigate the bumps, you will be fine in a smaller vehicle. But clearance is always good to have on roads like this…. Wouldn’t recommend a regular car, but something with a bit higher clearance.

  2. Pete

    The Hurley is classified as a ‘wilderness’ Forest Service Road with minimal maintenance. It’s easily doable in an SUV but no rental insurance will be valid up there, take Road 40 from Lillooet.

  3. chuck

    Good to see they have the right man on the job clearing the Hurley!

  4. chuck

    Agreed. Mini van would get beat up.

    The road is much better than the previous few years, but not good enough for a car or mini van.

  5. admin

    An SUV would be much better than a mini van!

  6. Darlene

    We are looking to travel to GoldBridge in July. It’s been years since I drove the road, but I’ve heard it’s been greatly improved. Is it usually pretty good at that time of the year? There are 7 of us so looking to rent a vehicle. Would a mini van be okay or should we get an SUV?


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