Road Closure Saturday June 3rd

Posted by on May 31, 2017

The Hurley will be closed from 11am to noon on Saturday June 3rd around the 17km bridge for road work.  Please drive slow through the construction area before and after the closure. The road is muddy and rough and will be graded soon. The East Hurley is also open. Take your time and enjoy the drive!

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Hurley 30 May 2017

Hurley Summit 30 May 2017


8 Responses to Road Closure Saturday June 3rd

  1. rob falck

    on the upcoming grading , how soon is “soon”

  2. Eric

    Thanks Chuck!

  3. chuck

    If you take it slow on the rough spots and avoid any big pot holes I would think you should be ok. Use AWD going up the big hill and your ride will be much smoother as well.

  4. Eric

    Is a Ford Edge with AWD up to the the task?

    I’ve been looking to drive from Vancouver to Gun Lake at some point this summer. The Hurley looks like an awesome adventure, but I don’t want to be a city slicker who gets stuck in an inadequate vehicle or overestimates my vehicle’s ability. I drive a Ford Edge that has AWD. Is a vehicle like that sufficient for this road? Maybe only in the optimal conditions? Hoping from some guidance from you guys!

  5. admin

    Coming from Pemberton it is after

  6. Nar

    Thanks for the update! Quick question, is the one hour closure before or after the semaphore Lakes parking area?



  7. admin

    I think there is a small parking area plowed out

  8. Andy

    Do you know what parking at railroad pass is like for access to locomotive and if parking there will impede machinery traffic?

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