Hurley Avalanche Update

Posted by on November 16, 2017

Driving the Hurley at this time of the year is not only about the snow on the road, snow above should also be taken into consideration. The Hurley avalanche tech is warning of a big rain event on Wednesday. There are some deeper instabilities that could wake up with that storm and avalanches are likely along the Bridge Main as well as the Hurley and East Hurley. There may be enough volume that they affect the roads. Below is a photo from previous years which shows some of the avalanche paths on the Hurley in the Green Mt area.

The logging company is still going to try to keep hauling logs for another 3 weeks. The last driver update was from Nov 17. If you drive the Hurley please send an email to

Nov 17 Update:  Drove the Hurley Nov 17 at 3pm from Pemberton to Bralorne. Plowed from Pemberton to Hope Creek. Not plowed to Hurley junction. East Hurley requires chains. West Hurley was good but slick coming down hill to Gold Bridge. Studs or chains recommend from Hope Creek to Hurley junction. Thanks to Shawn Sadler for the update and photo.

If you choose to drive the Hurley at this time of the year, you may be sharing the road with logging trucks and other heavy machinery. Be prepared to experience all kinds of weather and winter driving conditions.  Winter driving skills, 4 x4, chains and good snow tires are essential for travel.  A survival/safety kit are good things to carry in your truck.  Conditions can change fast at anytime up there with the fluctuating temperatures & weather.

Current conditions may not be reported on this site.  This site is based on Hurley driver updates so please email new road conditions to or post in the comments below.  Have a safe drive!

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Thank you for your road updates and support!

Hurley Nov 17

Hurley Nov 17

Hurley Avalanche Zones

Hurley Avalanche paths. Archived photo by Frank Baumann

2 Responses to Hurley Avalanche Update

  1. pat

    drove from gold bridge on thurs 16 left around 3pm, it was plowed to the first big cut block, then a single track rutted for about 10 or 12kms til the next turn off cut block(don t know the name of the road) and then it was plowed again to about 3kms from the summit and back to one single track.looks like someone had left just before me,luckily and it was mushy slippery and a bit sketchy in parts for sure.I made er no incidents but it was slow going creeping down the summit and i did it without chains, but also luckily nobody on the road to have to pass as this probably would nt have been fun it s definitely a bit deep on the shoulders, a couple of feet.

  2. Ches Hagen

    Be safe folks!

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