Nov 16 Update

Posted by on November 16, 2018

Nov 16 at 10am. We have received another update this morning and conditions have changed since the messy conditions night. Thanks to Scott Frizzell for the latest update and photos. Came west over the Hurley at 10am. Single lane hard pack to the pass. The grader is working plowing snow from the pass west and was on his way back up. Grader is also working down on the Lillooet FSR!

This site is based on Hurley driver updates so please email new road conditions to or post in the comments below.

If you choose to drive the Hurley at this time of the year be prepared to experience all kinds of weather and winter driving conditions.  Winter driving skills, 4×4, chains and good snow tires are essential for travel.  A survival/safety kit are good things to carry in your truck.   Conditions can change fast at anytime up there with the fluctuating temperatures & weather.  Current conditions may not be reported on this site.  Have a safe drive!

Grader is busy plowing snow to the summit

Grader is busy plowing snow to the summit

Lillooet FSR is being graded!

Lillooet FSR is being graded!

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  1. Sue McNeal

    Travelled south from Gold Bridge at 2:00 pm today November 20. Road is in excellent condition plowed two lanes wide with multiple pull outs along the summit.

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