Hurley Spring Update

Posted by on March 25, 2012

The Hurley has seen lots of traffic this weekend!  Loads of sledders headed into Bralorne for the Backcountry Picnic!  The weather was amazing and the  Hurley was freshly groomed for the event.  The Avalanche path at 12km from the Gold Bridge side had ripped again recently but is now passable thanks to Ken and Shirley for digging it out again!  Those two do amazing work with a shovel and  we all appreciate their efforts to keep the road open!  Click here to see photos of the avalanche path the first time it ripped in January.

The Gold Bridge side of the Hurley has been plowed to the Bridge Main for mining/IPP  operations to begin work.  A parking spot has been cleared for Hurley sledders, please do not block the entrance to the Bridge Main.  Spring time is amazing up on the Hurley

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