Hurley Contest and Update

Posted by on May 8, 2012


Guess the day the Hurley will be open to vehicle traffic and be in the running to win a
“I Survived The Hurley” T Shirt and Bumper Sticker!

Update regarding the avalanche fly over scheduled for April 16……..

The Ministry of Transportation trip to assess the Hurley River Rd  snow pack and avalanche risk for the week of April 16  was cancelled last minute.  Ministry of Transportation officials advise that when the avy techs get a chance they will assess the Hurley  for avalanche risk.

Ministry of Forests officials advise the brushing out of the road from 1 km to 12 km will begin soon.

Follow up with various Ministry folks is continuing and ongoing weekly by Bridge River Valley organizations and officials.  Updates will be posted as they are received.


Hurley Update on Tuesday May 8th

Interior Roads will put two machines on the road for snow removal – one at each end.
Still waiting for clearance from avalanche technicians.
Waiting for update from MOF re avy clearing on the steel bridge to GoldBridge section.

UPDATE on Wednesday May 9

Road from Steel Bridge to Gold Bridge. (Min. of Forests section)
Brushing started last Thursday (3rd).
The avalanche path at 12 km was opened over the weekend.
Still some rough sections where 4 x4 is recommended but with warm weather on it’s way the road should be in good shape by May long weekend sometime.  This is for the section from Gold Bridge to the Steel Bridge at 17km only.  No news on the summit section yet which is the section with the most snow clearing work required.
The grader tender for the road opens today (9th) and MOF plan to start grading this section on Monday (14th).
Please do NOT drive up the Hurley to see what progress is being made as the road that has been cleared  is in rough shape and you will be causing more damage and will get in the way of heavy machinery working.  When the road is open it will be posted here, thank you!

UPDATE on Friday May 11

Interior Roads have started clearing their section of the road.

I Survived The Hurley T Shirt

25 Responses to Hurley Contest and Update

  1. admin

    Thanks to everyone for entering the contest. The contest is now closed for guessing!

  2. Darren

    May 26th will be the day!

  3. Karen

    Hoping for May 25th!

  4. Jacki Tokaryk

    I was going to guess May 21 because it’s my daughter’s birthday, but that ones taken, so I’m going to go May 19!

  5. CraigH

    Last year it opened on June 7th according to the 2011 blog so I’ll go one day better and say June 6th.

  6. Patrick Smyth

    May 18th

  7. Doug Tennant

    I guess May 20th

  8. Ina Hunt

    I’ll go with June 4. A good way to start the week 🙂

  9. Don R

    My guess June 2nd.

  10. Shannon

    I say May 17th

  11. Heather

    I’m going to one-up Quinn and say May 25th. 🙂

  12. Sylvia N

    May 28th/2012

  13. mark n

    My guess, May 31st

  14. Ray

    June 9th

  15. Lisa

    May 15, 2012…hope not much later as we want to come up May long weekend!

  16. Del

    I will guesss May 30th

  17. Ron

    May 18/12

  18. Cathie

    June 7th.

  19. Lore

    May 17th/2012

  20. tony m

    my guess June 1 , lots of snow

  21. Roy Parkinson

    May 21/12 Just in time for the LONG WEEKEND !!!

  22. Leslie

    I say May 30th

  23. Billy Bob

    My guess for the Hurley opening is May16/12


  24. Gord Gunner

    I am going to say June 15th

  25. Quinn

    My guess may 24

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