Fall 2012 Update

Posted by on September 28, 2012

Update from Debbie Demare,  Area A Director SLRD

MOF Squamish tells me that a “proper” grading will begin on the Pemberton end “switchbacks” on the Hurley very soon and hopefully before Thanksgiving.

The official I spoke to had some excellent suggestions for improving the road condition of that section of road involving the use of “millings” from the asphalt that is ground down on re-paving projects.

At the ministerial meetings next week at UBCM I will put forward two “incremental” requests related to the Hurley:
1. That the entire road be put under one jurisdiction and one Ministry. Preferably Ministry of Forests as this is more the nature of this road than a public highway.  Makes sense to me, instead of dealing with 3 different offices, 3 different people and 3 different budgets.  Put the entire budget in one office and ministry so it can be used in the most effective way possible.  The only people suffering from the current arrangement are us, the taxpayers!
2. That this concept of dovetailing on asphalt using the millings and rolling them in be budgeted for and implemented in 2013.

Thanks to Debbie for discussing the Hurley Road at  the UBCM conference this week!

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