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July 31 Update

A request from Scott Holden, one of 4 contractors working on the Hurley to watch out for equipment working, slow down when approaching and make sure it’s safe to pass. If you can’t see the operator, he or she can’t see you. Attached below is a post from the Sea to Sky Facebook page warning … Continue reading »

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July 24 Maintenance Update

There are machines on the Hurley brushing and ditching. The extra funding came through for the ditching and brushing and gathering of road material. There are two machines doing the funding work so people should drive safely when they approach them.  The grader was at the Bridge Main at around 1 today. Thanks to SLRD … Continue reading »

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Grading in Progress

Thanks to Rex for the latest report and photos. Went up to the Semaphore Lakes pullout from the Pemberton side… the switchbacks are nearly done… for those driving on normal road tires non 4×4 vehicles there are still some teeth chattering sections from the top of switchbacks to the Semaphore pullout… cannot speak to anything beyond. Also, … Continue reading »

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Grading is finally happening on the Hurley! Sal Demare sent in this photo from the grader on the Pemberton switchbacks. The grader will be working through the weekend so please give the machine some space and pass carefully. There is lots of traffic on the Hurley this weekend. Drive Safe! This site is based on … Continue reading »

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