Spring Update

Posted by on March 28, 2013

The Hurley is open to vehicle traffic from Gold Bridge to the East Hurley split only.

2.6 m of snow at summit.  Lower than average for this time of year.

Snowmobiles & Backcountry Snowcats are staging at 12.5 km on the Pemberton side right now but the there is almost a kilometer of dirt to ride across before you get to a full snowpack around km 16.5.  There is 260cm of snow at the summit of the Hurley and about 80cm at the Hope Creek junction.

Avalanche Risk: there are the usual slide paths off Green Mt and there would be significant risk with warming temperatures. The Hurley has yet to see the spring cornice failures that often trigger the bigger slides.  There have been heavy winds and slab buildups in the alpine, so assume that all the slide paths would present some avalanche risk at this time of the year.

The snow has been going through a diurnal meltfreeze cycle to about 2100m over the last 5 days. It is frozen with 5cm snowmobile penetration in the morning, but melting out by 930am. On all aspects except north you sink in over a meter in wet snow all the way up to 2000m elevation during the heat of the day. AT and below 1800m at 2pm the avalanche hazard is CONSIDERABLE   to HIGH on East through South due to wet snow slides releasing within the snowpack or ground (140cm deep).

Skiing is still good on protected north aspects above 1900m.  Thanks to Conny, a guide for Backcountry Snowcats for the snow updates!

Check back for snow clearing updates soon!

Green Mt Ridge Avy Zone

Green Mt Ridge Avy Paths

Hurley avy zones

Hurley avalanche paths

Aerial photos from years past by Frank W Baumann

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