Hurley is in rough shape!

Posted by on June 4, 2013

There is no hiding the fact that Hurley is in rough shape!  It was only graded once last year and it has seen a lot of industrial traffic.  This year it has not been graded yet and the traffic volume is high.  There are very few sections of the road without large potholes.  Please drive slow!   Hopefully Interior Roads will get it graded soon!  It sure is strange to see the new hydro lines on the Hurley for the Jamie Creek IPP project!


Hydro lines on the Hurley


Beautiful scenery on the Hurley


The Meager Group from the Pemberton Meadows side of the Hurley

2 Responses to Hurley is in rough shape!

  1. Chuck

    Oops, typo above!

    I meant to write “the Hurley (including the east) should be graded frequently and highway 40 paved the entire way”.

  2. Chuck

    Yah, when you look at how much we pay in property tax, the (including the east) should be groomed frequently and highway 40 paved the entire way between Lillooeet and Bralorne!

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