Grading Update

Posted by on June 22, 2013

MOFLNRO, Squamish  has a contract out right now for grading their Pemberton side  of the Hurley (including the nasty area that was not done last year) and all things being perfect, it will be done starting on Thursday according to officials.   If not shortly thereafter.

The portion from KM 20 Pemberton side over to steel bridge has been graded.  Want to say thanks to Interior Roads for their prompt attention to this section, our local crew goes above and beyond within the parameters given and the equipment they have.
Now we want your feedback on condition of the road now that has been graded on this section.  Please send your compliments or constructive feedback using the Public Communication Record at this link You can also contact  Brad Bushill, Area Manager, Ministry of Transportation, or (250)256-0329 regarding the middle section of the Hurley.

This is the only way users of this road will be heard.  The public does matter on this issue and we need you to keep putting in your opinion.

A logging truck rolled over on Thursday and dumped it’s load on the Gold Bridge side of the Hurley and it has not been cleared yet.  Lots of room for vehicles to pass.

2 Responses to Grading Update

  1. Chuck

    Oops, meant to type “Goldbridge”. 😉

  2. Chuck

    Wow, that was fast! Great work to everyone involved.

    Any idea if any work will be done on the east Hurley?

    How about the section from the steel bridge down to Godbridge?

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