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Posted by on July 18, 2013

Whistler and Pemberton are hosting the Ironman event on Sunday August 25th.  The cyclists will be riding down the Pemberton Meadows Road and back.   The road will be closed for most of the day from about 9am to 4.30pm.  Alternate access to the Bridge River Valley during these times will be on Road 40 via Lillooet.  Whistler will also have several road closures. More information on traffic closures for this event can be found here.

The annual Slow Food Cycle will be held on Sunday August 18th.  Expect delays traveling through the Pemberton Meadows on that day as hundreds of cyclists attend the event.

The Bridge River Main FSR will be closed at 16 km on July 16 – Aug 15 . Penstock work is being done by the Boralex IPP.



pemby whistler

Pemberton Meadows

Pemberton Meadows

4 Responses to Road Closures

  1. Chuck

    Drove the Hurley out from Bralorne last Wednesday and I have to say, it’s awful!

    The east Hurley has deep rutts, the main part of the Hurley is better (thanks to some basic grading done a month or so ago) but not by much, and the switchbacks down to the Pemberton side are brutal! It’s starting to remind me of a river bed on the Pemby switchbacks, it’s getting to be that rough. I would hate to be driving up it.

    Seeing that they are not really maintaining the Hurley as a whole anymore, does anyone know if they will be paving any more of highway 40 (between Lillooet and Gold Bridge) this year?

    No more Hurley for me, too rough! Any time that used to be saved going the Hurley is now lost due to needing to go slow to avoid sharp rocks.

    What a joke it is having it divided up for road maintanence. It seems like only 1/3 gets done a year! Enough that they can say they did something, but not enough to be of any use!

  2. Alex Brnjac

    Thank you. Drove the Hurley last night and I can say the the switchbacks coming back to Pemberton are surely the worst part. They really should do something about the boulders emerging slowly from the road. I had a good chuckle on my way up reading a sign that said “End of maintained road” then someone drew a question mark beside the word maintained.

    But anyways, it’s always an adventure!

    Thanks again!

  3. admin

    Hi Alex, the Bridge River Main is an FSR that branches off the Hurley Road so if you are only driving between Pemberton and Gold Bridge this will not effect you.

  4. Alex Brnjac

    Hi, I’m not entirely sure what part of the road will be closed from July 16th to August 15th. Will the Hurley be open? Can I access the hurley Via Pemberton valley and take the Hurley to Gun lake? (Gold Bridge)

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated.


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