Grading Update August 26th

Posted by on August 28, 2013

Reports are in of the grading!  The Gold Bridge side of the Hurley has been graded and is in good shape to the East Hurley.  Grading has also been done on the Pemberton switchbacks.  No reports of grading being done on the middle section of the road which was the worst section before the grading  If you travel the Hurley in the next few days let us know how the road condition was!


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  1. Chuck

    Just drove the Hurley, it is better than before, but nothing like what it used to be just a few years ago.

    The first couple of km’s out of Bralorne on the east Hurley have been graded to Carl creek by a logging company. It was pretty good. The rest of the east Hurley to the steel bridge is full of pot holes and rocks, but doable.

    The main Hurley from from the steel bridge going towards Pemberton is rough. Again, it’s full of exposed boulders and pot holes. Going down the switchbacks is also rough until the Squamish forest district sign, from there down to the flats along the Lilloeet river it has been lightly graded. Not great but better that before.

    The flats along the Lilloeet river are really nice! It looks like they not only graded, but also laid down some gravel which has really smoothed it out. It reminded me of the Hurley from years past.

    I can’t comment on the road from the steel bridge down to Gold Bridge as I didn’t drive that section, but overall, I wasn’t impressed. It’s a little better than it was in the summer, but until they coordinate the grading and do the WHOLE road, I won’t be bothering with the Hurley any more.

  2. Chuck

    I can’t comment on its current condition as I haven’t driven it in a month or so. I will be giving it a try next Monday and I’ll be sure to post on its condition after that.

    They way it was I wouldnt want to take a car or small truck (that I didn’t want to wreck) on it!

  3. George

    I understand that part of the road is rough with pot holes, and one has to drive slower, but surely it is passable by small car and pickup. After all the industrial traffic is traversing this. Is this not the case?

  4. Chuck

    Good to hear something being done on part of the road BUT if it all isn’t in decent shape then it’s not much use!

    This road needs to be under the jurisdiction of ONE government body and maintained as a whole, not divided up into three sections.

    It’s kind of like dividing your long driveway into three sections for maintanence. If only one of the three sections is not usable it makes the other two irrelevant!

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