October 3 Update

Posted by on October 4, 2013

October 9 Update:  Snow has melted at the summit.  Road surface is wet.  Grading has started from Gold Bridge to the East Hurley on the piece of road Cascades Forest District is in charge of.

Drove the Hurley yesterday morning; it was bare and wet with maybe 2-3 cm of snow on the sides of the road (see picture).  It was lightly snowing, but clearing up as I drove across.  The road overall was in reasonably good shape.  Thanks to Frank W Baumann from Squamish for the update.  If you have Hurley road conditions to report please email info@bridgerivervalley.ca


3 October 2013

3 Responses to October 3 Update

  1. jacob

    Traveled the hurley from goldbridge to pemberton on the 10th..not even a sign of snow close to the road. graded sections were good. as mentioned above, a couple rough sections through the middle(potholes/washboard).

  2. Ami

    Drove the Hurley this morning in a 4WD Impreza. Clear of snow, no problems with traction. Four or five bad sections near the middle, with exposed rocks, potholes and washboarding, but we went slow and it was fine.

  3. Alex

    Going to try and take a trip up on the long weekend.. Fix a few things up at the cabin before the road gets really bad and winter hits. I will send you some updates when I get them.

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