Thanksgiving Update

Posted by on October 13, 2013

Thanks to Alex for sending in this report.    Drove the Hurley today, the stretch from Pemberton to the peak was nicely graded. But the stretch at the top was absolutely brutal… I’ve never seen it with so many potholes…  There was no snow though but we did end up with a flat. It should be only driven by a 4×4 with a good amount of ground clearance.  Props to the guy who did it in an impreza…

Photo was taken at the 33 km marker


Hurley conditions at Thanksgiving 2013

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  1. Alex

    In reply to Chuck: I will never go the long route to Gold Bridge, even though the hurley is bad, we just put some music on and drive slow and its alright.

    In reply to Debbie: I have noticed those signs that say “END OF MAINTAINED PUBLIC ROAD” or something similar and thats usually where its the worst. I will send a complaint to interior roads because the amount of potholes is absolutely ridiculous. The other two seconds of the hurley (Up and down sections) are wonderful. Especially the section from the peak to gold bridge. One of my neighbours at gun lake said it had just been graded within a week or so.

  2. Debbie

    The part of the road with the potholes in public, PLEASE put in a complaint to, click on Feedback. The form goes to the maintenance contractor AND the ministry officials.

  3. Chuck

    I hear you about it being so brutal. It’s kind of like a bad relationship. You know you should give it up and move on but each time you think “this time will be different”. Sadly it never is.

    It sucks to be so down on the Hurley (as it would be my first choice coming up fom the lower mainland being shorter) but with it being so hard on our vehicles it’s just not worth it anymore.

    Hopefully they keep improving highway 40. I’m done with the Hurley unless there is significant improvement.

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