Hurley Closed for the Winter Season!

Posted by on November 8, 2013

Due to the recent snowfall, the Ministry of Transportation have made the decision to flip the new signs on each end of the Hurley to the CLOSED position for the season.   There is 30 cm of new soft snow on top of what was already up there and  conditions are slick.   Drivers who went over yesterday are reporting challenging conditions with fluctuating temperatures.   There was two way traffic last night which caused all sorts of issues including people getting stuck and near misses with the sides of the road!

Access to the Bridge River Valley is now via Road 40 in Lillooet.  It’s a beautiful scenic drive around so take your time and enjoy the drive!   Have a great winter and keep sending us Hurley updates via if you are sledding or skiing on the Hurley!

5 Responses to Hurley Closed for the Winter Season!

  1. free spirit quinn

    Feb 6th 2014, so the wife and i just bombed the Hurley both ways in the TRACKER. it is rock hard snow. The east Hurley is a little whooped out, but doable. 4X4 for sure, but no chains required. It is actually smoother than some days in the summer. My favorite part of the drive was leaving Bralorne and seeing the sign across from the bar that says the Hurley is open. Ha what a joke.
    Again, it’s not over till we decide it is.

  2. J

    About to head over the Hurley for the first time ever next weekend, Jan 18. Should I expect to be able to ride my sled over? Is there enough snow?

  3. Nick

    Hurley is easily driveable with 4×4 or possibly even 2wd up to km 18 from Pemberton side. Many snowmobile tracks beyond and fairly deep snow in a few spots will pose difficulty but a committed driver might make it.

  4. Chuck

    Is the Hurley snow free again? With all the rain and warm temps there can’t be much snow over the pass. Does anyone know if it’s do able in a 4×4?

  5. free spirit quinn

    Made it through last night,(Nov.19/2013) in the tracker from Bralorne out to Pem. One snowmobile track to follow. Good times.
    probably close to a foot deep up top. No chains yet…
    It’s not over till we decide it is.

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