Hurley Snow Removal Update 3

Posted by on June 3, 2014

Ministry officials have advised that once snow levels are “gradeable” the summit area will be “graded” (as opposed to “snow plowed”).
Current estimates put this at some time next week (June 9 on).    Information provided puts snow at approximately 2-3 feet over a 3 km stretch.  As yet there are no confirmed reports of any vehicles driving the route.  Let us know if you hear of anyone making it across and send some photos to

We have been unable to confirm any other information regarding the Spring Opening of the Hurley this year or in future years.

MLA Tegart has been requested to meet via teleconference or in the community several times in the last few weeks and to date has not responded to requests.

Ongoing communication with your MLA’s is critical.  If you have received email responses, please follow up.  Phoning the MLAs is also very important.  Keep the pressure on to get the Hurley plowed for this year and future years!

Please write the Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson –
Please write, MLA Donna Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development –
If you haven’t already, please write and call the local MLA’s and copy on your letters.
Jackie Tegart 877-378-4802  –
Jordan Sturdy 604

Hurley May 26 2012

Hurley May 26 2012

2 Responses to Hurley Snow Removal Update 3

  1. admin

    Thanks for the update Justin!

  2. justin hubler

    myself and a friend tried to atv across on sat and got a couple of hundred yards from the summit. Think if i had chains I would have made it. After the weather this week I’m sure it will be melted down a lot. Planing to go to gun lake friday with the atv and dont think there will be a problem getting through.

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