Hurley Summit Snow Photos & Opening!

Posted by on June 9, 2014

UPDATE:  Garrett the grader operator made it to the summit today and the Hurley is OPEN!!!  Thank you Garrett for getting the road open earlier than expected!

A group from Pemberton made it over the Hurley summit on the weekend in ATV’s and survived the Hurley!    The snow has almost melted out and there is a section of snow about 700 metres long at the summit.    Thanks to Albert Bush from Valley Chainsaw in Pemberton for sending these photos.

The grader operator will be starting work on the Gold Bridge side today and grading his way to the summit, clearing the snow as he goes.   The Hurley will be officially open for traffic at noon on Friday June 13th!


This adventurous group from Pemberton pushed through the snow and made it over the summit on the weekend!


This photo was taken on Friday and by Sunday this snow had melted and it was down to dirt!


Coming down the Pemberton side of the summit


Congratulations to these guys for making it across the summit!





4 Responses to Hurley Summit Snow Photos & Opening!

  1. admin

    Garrett thank you so much! Great job getting the Hurley opened earlier than expected, your work is much appreciated!

  2. Garrett

    Plowed the pass this afternoon, June 9th, several vehicles travelled through with no problems, the road is open and grading will continue for the next few days

  3. admin

    No one has attempted it in a truck yet so we don’t know if it’s doable or not. Snow is only 1-2 feet deep max. Let us know if you make it over! Update: The Grader operator made it to the summit and the Hurley is open!

  4. Ina

    Thanks for posting updates. How deep is the 700 metre stretch of snow on the summit? Is it doable with a 4×4?

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