Hurley Summer 2014 Update

Posted by on July 6, 2014

Thanks to the following Hurley users for the updates sent in!     If you have a Hurley update or adventure to share with us please email

GOAT MOUNTAIN PRODUCE is now open.  It is being run by our kids, Trevor and Erica. They have new potatoes available now. Beets and carrots should be ready soon.
Thanks to all of our loyal customers!
Andrea & Marty VanLoon

I just drove the Hurley Road on July 2nd in order to hike Face Mountain (Locomotive).
Gorgeous area , still lots of snow around the lake and no mosquitos !
The Hurley Road was in its usual condition, loose stones and partly like a washboard, due to
people driving too fast – also please be kind and slow down when you see a Fellow Driver coming
especially in those dry conditions.

Goat Mt Produce Stand

Goat Mt Produce Stand is open for the season!

Semaphore Lakes & Face Mountain area

Semaphore Lakes & Face Mountain area at the Hurley summit.  July 2, 2014. Photo by Ingrid.

5 Responses to Hurley Summer 2014 Update

  1. Al

    Just wanted to thank CraigH for the advice. I didn’t make it after all this year but appreciate the response.

    Thanks Craig.


  2. CraigH

    Hey Al, if you haven’t done your trip across yet, I wouldn’t drag a trailer I cared about across there. I’d go around via Duffy Lake to Lillooet then highway 40, normally longer with both distance and time, but guessing at the speed towing a trailer across the Hurley, probably about the same.


    The Goat Mtn produce stand has lots for sale now that lots of veggies are in harvest season.

  3. Gerard

    Hi – we dirt biked from the Goat Mountain Produce stand to Gold Bridge/Gun Lake, then back through Bralorne to the Hurley on July 5/14. Really appreciated that the owners letting us park our truck on their property while we rode – thank you!! The Hurley was better than we anticipated – like riding on marbles!! Great fun.

  4. Cliff Jennings

    Glad to see Goat Mt open again. Will have to keep our change can full.

  5. Al

    Hi There,

    I am thinking about hauling a 22 foot Arctic Fox travel trailer through the pass beginning of this August. I really would like to know from those of you that drive it if this is a bad idea? Recommendations and or thoughts would be appreciated.


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