Summer 2014 Maintenance Update

Posted by on July 9, 2014

The 1st grading end to end is now complete.

The 2nd grading is scheduled for late July/early August however this is weather dependent.  They like to have rain to make the grading more effective.

The plan is to then do a 3rd grade in September.

The portion of the road that will be worked on this year with the additional $80k is from the bridge and around the corner at the Tenquille Lake Rd. and up the hill till about km 20. This has been analyzed as the most needing of repair (those really big nasty rocks sticking out) and this concurs with users of the road have been saying.

The plan is to put a fresh layer (in places a foot) of new material taken from two local pits.  It is estimated that this will be about 8-10 days & will take place in August.

There will likely be delays and there may be some accessibility issues to begin with for two wheel drive cars in the soft material.  There will be lots of information posted when specific times/days are known.

Hurley Grader

Hurley Road Grader

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