Road closed – landslide

Posted by on January 29, 2015


The Lillooet River FSR is now open!  There is vehicle access to 8km parking lot at Railway Creek Bridge.

From 5km to 6km ABSOLUTELY NO STOPPING.  There are still rocks and debris rolling down from time to time. Signs are in place.

Tuesday Feb 10th the road will be plowed past 17km to the steel bridge where ample parking will be made for snowmobilers.

After that date industrial traffic will be on the road.  Watch for logging trucks especially coming down early in the morning as you’re heading up to sled.

Jan 29 – Rock avalanche at 6km on the Lillooet River FSR.  Crews are on scene controlling traffic (road is closed), geotech assessment is underway.  Industrial road users are all aware.  MFLNRO Malcolm Schulz anticipates a 2 – 3 day closure, but more will be known shortly.  Check the MFLNRO website for updates:

Road closed due to rock slide

Road closed due to rock slide

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  1. Debbie Demare

    I have spoken to FLNRO, Backcountry Snowcats & Totally Awesome Adventures. Ray is going out to have a look today, Kathy & FLNRO think an alternate route around is likely not possible. It may be a wait it out thing. I will advise any official or factual updates.

  2. Debbie Demare

    Sledders and other interested in this information, I am in contact with the FLNRO official and our emergency program manager on this and they will update me. I have also requested information as to whether there is any safe reroute to get on the Hurley for sledders.

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