Spring Update #3

Posted by on April 7, 2015

UPDATE:  The Hurley received new snow on Saturday April 11.  Snowfall amount unknown but driving a vehicle is not recommended, even with chains.

Spring temperatures are still in effect with warm days and cold nights.  There is still snow/ice at the summit for several km’s.   The snow/ice surface is softening up in the warm weather and there are reports of some vehicles making it over and some vehicles getting stuck.  Thanks to Gerry for sending in the latest update and photo.   Gerry went across on Monday morning while the snow was still firm.  There are some deep ruts that might suck you in and high center.  Good for travel when cold and the snow not melted.  Snow starts around 30 k mark on Hurley side and finishes at 20 k mark on Pemberton side with  4 km of deeper snow at the summit.

Even though some well equipped vehicles have been making it over in the right weather conditions, Hurley travel is still not recommended for most drivers.  Be prepared for self rescue if you attempt to go over if things don’t go as planned.  Remember mountain weather can change at any time!  Please send road updates to info@bridgerivervalley.ca

Thanks to Hurley driver Jon for another update from the Easter weekend………

We went over the Hurley from the Pemberton side on April 3rd.  The snow starts around the 22km mark and climbing the first steep section was tough (even in 4-low), but once we made it though that section the rest of the trip was easy.

We went back over the Hurley from the Gold Bridge side on April 6th.  The trip back was less difficult because we did not have to climb the steep snow covered section of hill at the 22 km mark (from the Pemberton side).  We saw two other vehicles on Hurley, so we are not the only ones making it over.

The sections of the Hurley that are not covered with snow are in great shape, but watch out for large rocks on the road.

Both trips were made in the morning when the temperatures were at or below freezing.  Making it through the snow covered sections of the Hurley might be more difficult if the temperatures were higher and the snow was soft.  We saw some deep tire ruts in the snow which were likely from a vehicle that crossed later in the day when the snow had softened.

We made the trips in a 2009 modified Jeep and stock 1993 Nissan Pathfinder.  Both vehicles had good AT/MT tires and we were prepared for self recovery.

East Hurley split on Easter weekend.  Photo by Jon

East Hurley split on Easter weekend. Photo by Jon Van Netten

Hurley summit on Monday April 6

Hurley summit on Monday April 6.  Photo by Gerry Woods

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