Spring Update #4

Posted by on April 13, 2015

Thanks to Ashley and his boys for another Hurley Update!

Wed Apr 8 – crossed around 4pm towing our ATV Wagon full of supplies, the crossing was quite easy, and we saw the groomer at the top making it all nice and smooth for everyone.  20°C when we left the truck at the bottom of the Hurley.

Sun Apr 12 – crossed around 12 noon, and it was not an easy crossing.  Cold and snowing, it felt like winter had come back.  The new snow near the summit made it quite difficult, even with my J Wheelz installed on the ATV.  The snow got progressively deeper even as we summited and were heading down to where trucks were parked at about 22km.

Hurley travel is still not recommended for most drivers.  Be prepared for self rescue if you attempt to go over if things don’t go as planned.  Remember mountain weather can change at any time!  Please send road updates to info@bridgerivervalley.ca

Hurley on April 12

Hurley on April 12 after the snow

Hurley on April 8

Hurley on April 8

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