Spring Update #5

Posted by on April 30, 2015

Thanks to Jesse Gillespie for the latest Hurley update & photos from last weekend.  The snow was heavy and wet.  Some sections you could start to see the road below.  No issues and no sign of anyone driving over recently.

Next update will hopefully be about snow removal for the long weeekend.

Hurley travel is still not recommended for most drivers.  Be prepared for self rescue if you attempt to go over if things don’t go as planned.  Remember mountain weather can change at any time!  Please send road updates to info@bridgerivervalley.ca

Hurley summit last weekend in April 2015.  Photo by Jesse Gillespe

Jeeps on the Hurley summit last weekend in April 2015


Hurley summit last weekend in April 2015

One Response to Spring Update #5

  1. Robert Bitner

    The Lillooet river is flooding the road near the outdoor school. About 500 Ft, and getting quite deep.
    If river keeps rising, the road will likely become impassible.
    Have found no other warnings during a Google Search.
    Cars with low clearance may not make it through.
    As a note: In the past, my son took water into his engine and blew it attempting to cross a flood when the water was too deep.

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