Summer 2015 Update 2

Posted by on July 11, 2015

The Boulder Creek fire is still burning and causing smokey conditions on the Hurley.  Depending on your time of travel, you may encounter many forestry vehicles heading to or from the fire.  This morning at least 40 vehicles were seen all driving with 4 way flashers on.  Please give them space and room to drive safely as the dust levels on the road are high.  The road remains open and is in ok shape with the recent grading in spots.  The grading has taken time this month due to the machinery being pulled off the grading to work on the Boulder Creek fire several times.  The grading should be completed by 17 July.

The Bridge River Valley is still in the smoke layer but it is clearing in Pemberton and on parts of the Hurley.  Clouds could be seen in the sky and a few rain drops came down this morning near the summit.

The Goat Mountain Produce Stand is open!  Bring some cash to purchase fresh grown Pemberton produce!

Thanks to SLRD Area A Director  Debbie Demare for  today’s Hurley update. If you have an update on the Hurley please send it to

Goat Mt Poduce Stand

Goad Mountain Produce Stand

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  1. Debbie Demare

    I take the part about the Hurley BACK about being in good shape. I arrived home this afternoon without a rear canopy window!!!! I’ll be on the phone to FLNRO tomorrow. Sigh.

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