Grading Update

Posted by on August 18, 2015

The Hurley is being graded this week so please show the operator some respect, slow down and give him plenty of room to work.  Make sure he knows you are behind him when attempting to pass.  The road condition from the summit and down the Pemberton switchbacks is in great shape!

Hurley Grader is in action this week

Hurley Grader is in action this week

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  1. Debra Morris

    I just survived the Hurley Road. Barely. I had a great camping trip through the Bridge River Valley with just my dog for company… but I managed a flat tire on my Jeep Wrangler somewhere around the halfway mark.Having never had the pleasure of changing a tire before, and despite being an old, fat and arthritic woman I got ‘er done. So… to the four vehicles that drove by but failed to stop when I waved… a big ole flip of the bird to ya! To the absolutely georgeous man on the BMW motorbike who did stop to help, but was a half hour too late… Thank you, beautiful stranger, but next time can you show up a half hour earlier?

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