Fall Grading

Posted by on September 8, 2015

Wednesday Sept 9th Update:  The grader is still working on the Lillooet FSR and will start the end to end grade of the Hurley on Saturday.

The Hurley is being graded this week so please follow the caution signs and show the operator some respect, slow down and give him plenty of room to work.  Make sure he knows you are behind him when attempting to pass.   Thank you to the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations for doing such a great job grading the Hurley this summer, the road has been in the best shape in years!


Grader on the Pemberton side of the Hurley

5 Responses to Fall Grading

  1. Kirby Read

    Its not a road for cars. Even when its in good shape the road instantly turns to shit because of everyone in non 4×4 vehicles spinning tires up every hill possible and then getting flats from all the sharp rocks that get turned up from the grading. People in 4x4s that elect not to use it are just as much to blame for the road being extremely washboarded. The second it gets graded everyone likes to go 100km/h in 2wd and ruin the road. From the goldbridge side up the top of the hill to the gwyneth lake turnoff is the worst I have seen it in years.

  2. Juana

    I am planning to go to semaphore lakes this weekend, and i am wondering is the road passable for a sedan , mitsubishi? Thank you

  3. Hans Gray

    Any thoughts on the road being drive-able in a Toyota Camry by Friday Sept 11?

  4. 8count

    We have 2 bikes are heading up on gs1200s with wives this weekend. I see there is grading happening but even with that does anyone recommend riding 2up?? We have never driven the Hurley rd. Have heard rumors but not 100% of this route to take with wives. Heading to Tyaks Lodge


  5. Rob Falck

    The climb up the pemby side has done alright mostly due to the work that was done last year ,but the rest has bigger ,badder potholes and more washboard than we’ve had in years

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