Fall Grading 2

Posted by on September 20, 2015

Unfortunately a vehicle drove off the side of the Hurley today after being distracted by something.   Please drive carefully and pay attention as anything can happen quickly!  We hope everyone involved in this incident is ok!

Between Hope Creek and the Summit there is a spot on the road with the creek flowing right over the road.  There are at least 3 other places with large pools of water and one of those is flowing across the road too.  The Hurley and Lillooet rivers are running hard and high with all the rain today.

The road really is rough from steel bridge to Gold Bridge. The road does not appear to be graded at all after the grading that was supposed to happen last week.  Debbie Demare our local Squamish Lillooet Regional District Director will follow up to find out more information about the grading.

Drive safe everyone!

Accident on the Hurley today

Accident on the Hurley today

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  1. LInda

    I left the Tyax at 7 am this morning and felt like we were just in time to leave, as could see water levels rising and rapid creeks flush with road.. all ready road had overfowed in one place with potential for mud slide, as we too were dodging rocks on road. Glad to leave!!!

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