Lillooet River Rising

Posted by on September 20, 2015

UPDATE:  8.30am Monday – Reports coming in that the water levels have dropped and there is no more water on the road!  The road is in extremely rough shape.  Drive slow and take your time.
Thanks to Doug Oswald for making the drive over early this morning for the latest report!

The East Hurley Road has washed out again too.  No information as yet on when it will be repaired.

Sunday – There are several reports of the Lillooet River covering the Hurley Road/Lillooet River FSR by the Outdoor School and the road may be closed at this time.  Travel is not recommended.

If you have any conditions to report email

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11 Responses to Lillooet River Rising

  1. admin

    The road is extremely rough and bumpy right now. The grading still has not happened.

  2. Mike

    Any New updates ? Heading out tonight or tomorrow to Bralorne.

  3. admin

    Last we heard it was supposed to happen starting the 12th but we are still waiting…….

  4. paul

    we drove out the Hurley from goldbridge on Sept 24…I heard the road was to be graded staring Sept 8…there was no sign of any grading and road was the worst I have ever seen it….the pot holes were excessive and deep and full of water. Our right front tire was damaged because of the road conditions. I hope there will be some monitoring of this proposed grading as there is not sign of it yet. we are coming back on Sept 29 and unfortunately due to the Hurley road condition we will take the longer route via Lillooet.

  5. Leah Daling

    Any update on the Grading that was suppose to happen??
    Thank you

  6. admin

    The road is bumpy but not flooded.

  7. Jonathan

    We are planning to drive up to gold bridge via the hurley early on saturday. Wondering if the rain that we received today (thursday sept 24) did flood the Lillooet river again ? would appreciate any updates available .

  8. admin

    As far as we know, both roads are open. is the best place for Road 40 updates

  9. Alice rush

    I need to take the Hurley or hwy 40 to Pemberton today, September 24… Can anyone update me as to the conditions of both? Thanks, Alice

  10. Al Mattson

    How does the road look this morning? We are hoping to head over around 11. I’m assuming it isn’t getting worse.

  11. dale

    Yes, drove thru 2+ feet of water there yesterday evening. The rest of “the” road in pretty normal shape, with the exception of the west hurley – which is the worst I have seen – brutal. Anybody advise when the last time the west side was graded?

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