Snow Removal Update

Posted by on May 5, 2016

The Hurley has been cleared for takeoff!  The Avalanche Technician go ahead has been given to start snow removal.

The snow pack , while slightly above normal years in total, is a full 2-3 weeks ahead of normal in melting.  In the graph below, you will see we are already down to mid-May levels.

Spring clearing of the snow is planned to start late this week.  A crew will be working with heavy machinery to get the road open so please stay out of their way and let them get the job done. We will provide an update when the road is open for traffic.

Please respect the road as it needs a little time to dry up so it doesn’t get all rutted up – we don’t want all the resurfacing done last fall to get totally messed up.  Grading on the rest of the road will begin as soon as possible.

Image below from the latest  Green Mt Snow Pillow Report

Green Mt Snow Pillow

Green Mt Snow Pillow Data

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