Hurley is Open for 2016!

Posted by on May 9, 2016

The Hurley is open for the 2016 season!  Thanks to FLNRO for hiring local contractor Tom Illidge to get it done way before the long weekend. Tom did a great job as usual.  Road conditions may be muddy and bumpy until the road dries out and is graded.  Drive safe and enjoy your adventure over the Hurley Road!

The BC Forest Safety Council has issued an updated Resource Road User Safety Guide.  Two versions are out now, one for passenger vehicles and one for off road vehicles.  The new safety guides can be read on the Driving the Hurley page on this website.


Hurley Open 2016

The Hurley is open for the 2016 season

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  1. Lawrence

    I made the trip from Bralorne to Pemberton without an issue on may 12, 2016. I was in a rented hyundai believe it or not. The road had been cleared very well and the weather conditions were dry. Passed a few people going in ….and a Grizzly….. as I was going out.

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